Austin Freecycle complaint – I can’t ever get anything on this Freecycle website!

Austin Texas Freecycle sucks

The Austin Texas Freecycle sucks! You can't get anything on there because these shady local business people get it first and then they resell everything for big profits!

I have been a member of the Austin Texas local Freecycle now for over a year and have yet to be able to get anything nice or worth anything from them. This is getting frustrating because I’ve seen many nice items that people want to get rid of or giveaway. And somehow someone always beats me to the punch.

Whether it be a lawnmower or some pots for planting room one case it was a washer and dryer set that worked, but the owners were upgrading and didn’t need it anymore. Whatever it was he doesn’t matter. The problem we have here is that as soon as it’s posted on the Austin Texas Freecycle site someone’s already gotten it. By the time I am notified of it there’s already been 20 people turned down for the same item.

Now from what I have seen and heard the stories a little more sinister than that. Apparently there are some local shady entrepreneurs that what they have made a business of is they go on freecycle and take these items that are meant for people that will use them and they sell them for big profits instead.

This is the same crowd that goes to the local Goodwill stores and buys up any and everything that’s nice and then they resell them in their own stores or online on eBay or through or some other source. You can tell who they are and what they’re up to. It’s very easy to spot.

It’s blatantly obvious when you go to a Goodwill store and there someone that polls up in $100,000 Mercedes-Benz and goes in there with their iPhone, Blackberry Storm or Android and the either scan or punch in the ISBN number or title and author to quickly look up its resale value and they have a bag with them and they put anything that pops to a good resale value in the bag.

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Only same people have now taken over the Austin Texas Freecycle and made a mockery of it. You see, the real purpose of Freecycle is for people to be able to get rid of things they no longer need and to give them to people that will have a need or use for them of their own. It is not to give to people that are just going to resell them for a big profit.

I believe it states that rate in the terms and conditions that one agrees to join any of the local Freecycle groups. But apparently these people don’t care and no one’s doing anything about it. So people like me that don’t have a lot of money and live from paycheck to paycheck (I am a single mother and waitress at a local restaurant and in this economy I have a really hard time putting food on the table for my kids).

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It would be nice if I could use the Freecycle as it is supposed to be used to get items that I can’t afford to use for myself and my children. Instead these shady business people have taken it over and it made it virtually impossible for me to be able to get anything that I can use. Someone needs to change this because I think that the Austin Freecycle could really be a great thing, but until these shady business people are removed this isn’t going to happen.

I hope that this complaint gets to the right people so that this gets fixed. I have written numerous e-mails and more to the local Austin Freecycle and nothing has been done about this. Someone please help me with this situation. Thank you for your time.

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4 Responses to Austin Freecycle complaint – I can’t ever get anything on this Freecycle website!

  1. Bruce Holmsby on August 31, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    I totally see what you are talking about. Here in Tampa Florida I can’t seem to ever get any of the nice stuff off of the Freecycle. I can only get last dibs junk and complete trash. All the good stuff is already gone by the time I get notified of it. Freecycle sucks man.

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  2. Tapioca on March 23, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    I belong to Arlington (right outside Washington DC) freecycle and I have gotten lots of great stuff, maybe you should move up here!

    Seriously though, the point of freecycle is to keep items out of the landfill, not to serve the needy. My group bans any individuals from making “wanted” posts telling heartbreaking stories and instead directs people to charities and services for the poor.

    Again, the point of freecycle is only to keep items out of landfills. So I have seen people in this very wealthy area take items such as half-filled boxes of oatmeal and old clothes to be used as rags. I tend to post items on freecycle that I know don’t sell well at Goodwill or large items I’d rather not move. I could care less if someone would sell it or not, I just want it out of my apartment!

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  3. Cynthia on September 27, 2011 at 5:10 PM

    Freecycle is pretty much a hit or miss. I got some nice things before with Austin Free Cycle. I got clothes for my son when he was a baby, diapers and a little tyke toddler bike. I even received clothes for myself. Pretty much people will give it whoever the 1st to respond, I know I do when I want to get rid of something.

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  4. andrea.force on February 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    I belong to Austin Freecycle. I use it differently than you do and it works well for me. When I have something I need to get rid of, I offer it. Usually it goes to the first responder, but sometimes I will give preference to a later responder. For instance, I once gave a light table to the fifth responder because he was a teacher and said he was going to use it in his classroom. Sometimes I give things to people who post Wanted ads. Sometimes I post Wanted ads. I got a brand new crockpot in response to one Wanted ad. My only real complaint is the “no shows” when I offer things, but I get that on Craigslist too.

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