Aweber email automation review – This email service increased my sales 300% in the first month!

Aweber email automation review

I made a choice to try Aweber email automation and it was one of the best things I have ever done for my business and my life!

Ever since the 1990s I’ve been involved in multiple different websites on the Internet. Some of these websites sold products, some sold e-books and others were just blogs that had advertising on them. the problem I was having was that I was spread too thin between all of these websites and my readers and customers.

That all changed when I found out about this website and business called Aweber. Aweber is an e-mail automation company that promises to take one’s e-mail marketing efforts to the next level or beyond. I happened upon their website one day when I was perusing

there was a lot of customer reviews that sounded very positive and that they were having a great prophet response from using this e-mail automation from Aweber. according to the website Aweber can do everything from generating newsletters, helping to stay within the legal guidelines of opting in and out, and in gaining retention and making more sales.

I especially liked the idea of making more sales – I mean who wouldn’t? The initial cost was zero as they happen to have a free test drive available for me to utilize their numerous e-mail services. So, I figured what did I have to lose? I gave it a shot and I decided to give it some time, but I was already seeing very positive results within the first week.

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after about four or five weeks (basically the first month that I had been using Aweber) I realized that this thing was big. I was realizing and over 300% increase in sales from the websites that I was using aweber for. That is just massive. And the cost was very low after the initial free test drive.

I was receiving better results than I had ever gotten with Google Adwords with far less expense. When I use Google ad words I could have the same amount of sales but the expenses were so high that there was virtually no profit to be made (or very little at best). It didn’t matter how I fine tuned the choice of keywords and more on Google Adwords – the cost per click (CPC) just kept rising as time went by and on average I was paying $2-$3 per click.

This resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in advertising through Google Adwords. Yet at the same time I would have virtually about the same amount in expenses as I did in sales. I was now, with Aweber’s email marketing automation, getting the same results but saving literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was amazing.

I literally have to say that giving Aweber a try for my various online businesses was probably the best thing I had ever done since creating my first website. It’s literally made it so that I quit my day job as a computer technician and spend more time with my family and hobbies. If you have an online business and want to take your business to the next level and greatly increase your profits then you definitely need to give email automation and Aweber a look!

Click here to try Aweber email automation for free and start making huge profits today!

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