Bank Of America Loan Complaint – BOA Screwed Me With My Home Loan And I Lost Two Houses

I tried to get a home loan from Bank of America and lost two houses because of their ignorance and lack of experience. The first time, my fiance was still in the middle of a divorce and his soon to be ex-wife had very bad credit, the loan officer told us that’s everything’s going to be ok leading us to have HomeOwner Inspection and Appraisal done. 

They told us that it was paid for and after almost two months, we kept on contacting them.  We were finally told that because he’s not legally divorce yet and the wife has bad credit, the loan can not go through. We found another house and now the divorce was final so we tried again.

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The previous loan officer told us that she will let us know what documents to submit and when since she already had pretty much everything from the first loan that didn’t go through. Again, the realtor told us that we were in contract or escrow. Again, we went ahead and paid for another Home Owner Inspection of the home.

The loan officer never call me. I kept on calling her after countless time and she finally told me to submit current paystubs. After that, we never heard from her for two weeks. Finally we got the Home Loan Application in the mail. We took it to the office, signed it and gave to the secretary because the loan officer was not available.

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Another 2weeks had gone by and I called at least one time a day to find out the status, but I was told that the loan officer no longer working for BOA. At this point we were 1 week til closing the loan and no one had looked at our application yet. I was anxious and upset because the application had been turned over to the manager name Harold, so I managed to contact him and was told that he would look at it and call me back. After a couple of days no phone call.

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I called several times but no answer. Finally the seller wanted to cancel the contract because the bank is taking to long. I lost the money I paid for two home inspection add to $790 and $900 for the two home appraisal. I lost $1690 all because we were pre-approve by BOA, they gave us the ok to proceed but at the end they didn’t do their job. MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.

I’m angry and wanted to sue them for all they put me through, I also feel sorry for the realtor because she worked hard with us 2 times and didn’t get nothing. IF YOU CAN HELP IT NEVER NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH BOA. BANK of AMERICA LEADS YOU TO NOWHERE.

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