Barack Obama the lying president – was he born overseas and does he have a hidden agenda?

President Barack Obama is a liar

Was President Obama born outside of the United States? Did he cheat to become President? Is he a closet radical muslim? And most importantly – Does he have a sinister hidden agenda?

Through the past several years it’s become quite obvious there’s a movement in America that is beginning to question the validity of our president Barack Hussein Obama. It all started with the fact that he can’t produce a valid and authenticated birth certificate. And then it went into ACORN and possible cheating that went on and now people are wondering if he is a radical Muslim in disguise

There are different levels of birth certificates here in America. When you enroll a child in a public school system regardless of the grade from kindergarten through 12th grade they work why are an authentic birth certificate. They will specifically tell you that a mother’s copy or a photocopy will not suffice. The principal or someone with authority in the principal’s office has to actually see in front of them a valid and authenticated birth certificate.

Until they have this a child cannot be enrolled in the public school system. Now instead of a child in a public school system we have the number one position of authority in America, the president, and he apparently has as of yet to produce and authenticated valid birth certificate. He produced something but it wasn’t a valid and authenticated birth certificate.

Then he went into cover-up mode. His “people” have since been linked to misusing the IRS and other government agencies to harrass and cause undue hardship to those actively investigating the status of his birth and where his true birth really occurred. His latest response to reporters and others that were questioning the validity of his birth certificate and his true place of birth was, “do I need to post my birth certificate to my forehead?”

Then he went on to say that there was more important matters at stake currently like the economy and other matters. As we call the political two-step. President Barack Hussein Obama is dodging investigations into the truth. Why is he doing this because he knows that the truth is really uncovered he will be impeached.

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So, the birth certificate is still a major problem for Obama. Next you have the fact that he knowingly used Acorn to cheat and win the elections. You can argue like you did and say he didn’t know what Acorn was up to. He had previously worked for Acorn and knew exactly what they were capable of and what they were up to – cheating on a scale of millions of voters could not possibly have gone unnoticed by Mr. Obama.

Now to add an accelerant to the fire, and to really get most servicemen that are serving in Iraq and elsewhere extremely irate is the possibility that their president, Barack Hussein Obama, might in fact be a Muslim.  Now there’s nothing wrong, in my opinion, what the president being Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, etc…  the real problem here is that the man stated that he was not a Muslim and that he was in fact Christian.

Albeit he did have some problems with his crazy racist pastor named Rev. Wright – I won’t go into that here, but racism should not be a part of the teachings that any future president or current president should have ever taken apart in – there is no room in any context for racism.  The problem here is that if he is in fact Muslim then he is a liar. 

Now we know that he lied about Acorn and his knowledge as to what they were up to (cheating of colossal proportions never before seen in a presidential election).  The problem here is how much else did he lie about?  You can clearly put together the pieces of a puzzle here and one can easily deduce that Pres. Obama is a liar, a cheat, not qualified to become president as he was born outside of the United States and possibly even a radical Muslim. 

If that is the case then you have to start wondering what his hidden agendas are.  And are they his agendas or are they the agendas of those that helped put him where he is?  Yes, Pres. Obama is the first black president and that’s an important milestone for black Americans everywhere, but did he get this position in an honest and honorable way?  And most importantly does he have the best interests of Americans at heart?  Or does he have a sinister agenda?

Only time will tell, but as of right now it doesn’t look good for Barack Hussein Obama.

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3 Responses to Barack Obama the lying president – was he born overseas and does he have a hidden agenda?

  1. Bill R. on September 18, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Obama is a lying sack of crap. He cheated and knows that he did. He was born in South Africa and that is why he can’t produce a valid birth certificate. I say they should impeach his sorry lying ass! Impeach Obama!

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  2. Bill Bailey on January 27, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Unmitigated bullshit.

    Can’t people hate a man because he is black, or foreign born or liberal…and be quiet about it on the net ? Just call your congressman and let them laugh at you. I mean if Obama is somehow ineligible to be pres,…so was McCain as he was born in Panama.

    George Romney ran for the repub nomination was born in Israel.

    It is nothing more than mean-spirited vitriol that these cheap, unreasoned ridiculous attempts to suggest Obama was not eligible to be pres. continue on the net.

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  3. Ron on May 10, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    All i have to say is, that Obama bin lying about everything. bail out the banks, Middle class people getting poorer, he did not kill osama because hes been dead in 2001, so this tells you people that you all need to do some homework before electing an offcial to run this country. All operate for self interest and not the American people, but let not all put the blame on Obama because we the people elected him in the first place, well some.!

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