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Have you ever had a pocket full of unused gift cards and then wondered what to use them for? I have wanted the video game for the Wii called Band Hero for a couple months, but just didn’t have the extra money to put out for a non-everyday necessity. This is what led me to look again in my wallet for any gift cards that I may have to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or anywhere I would be able to buy the game.

As I was looking in my wallet, I had gift cards for a couple restaurants, a Wegmans gift card, and a Barnes and Noble gift card. I was really disappointed to see that I didn’t have any to a store that sold video games.  I then went to to see if they had sold any video games.  My luck had suddenly changed and I saw on their site that they were linked to Game Stop.  I was really excited because I had about $30 left on this gift card!!

As I was looking for Band Hero on their site, I noticed that you couldn’t just go to the store and purchase the game right then and there.  I really didn’t like how you couldn’t go there, but I thought it was really cool how you could order video games through a book company.  When I located Band Hero, I went to through the checkout process. 

When I came to the shipping options the cheapest option was for 6-11 business days, but I really wanted it in time to play it with my friends that were coming to visit.  Therefore, I then had looked for the fastest shipping which was 3-4 business days and was $5.99.   I had thought that it was fine to pay the little bit more for shipping because I had gotten a 25% off coupon, but in the little tiny microscopic font, it stated that it was not valid on video games.  I then had saw that there was free shipping on orders $25 and more, but then again it wasn’t valid on video games.

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I was just anxious to get the video game, so I just went ahead and placed the order.  The next day I had received an email stating the shipping routing number through UPS and the wait began.  UPS was on schedule and delivered it right on time.  When I got the package delivered, I opened it up to just be filled with disappointments.  The case was cracked, but I wasn’t too upset about that because I really just wanted to start playing with my friends that just had come into town. 

When I started playing the first song, we had found that when using the microphone to sing, it cut out on every other couple words.  I was extremely upset because not only did I want to play the game, but I had spent the extra money to get it here on early.  I was so pissed off when the game didn’t work, but I went back online to and read that I was able to return the game to any Game Stop location, which I was a little happier then since there was one around the corner from where I live. 

I then brought the game into Game Stop the next day and told the employee the situation and he then proceeded to get me a brand new case and a brand new Game Hero video game.  I was in and out of Game Stop in about 5 minutes with no hassle!!  I was very pleased on how easy it was to get my problem resolved and recommend buying video games through Barnes and Noble even though I encountered this situation!

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2 Responses to Barnes and Noble – Recommended Video Game Retailer Partnered with Game Stop

  1. Raina Demartino on July 25, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    I ordered a video game off of and it had a defect in the game. I brought it back to Game Stop since that is where the game is from and the affiliate store to Barnes and Noble. When I brought it back, they had no problem and gave me a brand new game. I tried the game again and it still didn’t work so I thought it was my Wii system. I tried my other Rock Band games and they were fine so I knew it wasn’t my Wii system and I had calibrated the instruments on the new game too. I then just decided to bring the game back to Game Stop. The thing that pissed me off is that I had the game expedited to my house because my cousins were going to be visiting the next day and I wanted to play it with them. They wouldn’t return my shipping so I lost 7 bucks in shipping costs!

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  2. WWElover on September 17, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    Does Barnes & Noble sell porn? I have been looking for a decent place to buy some cool porn to get my husband in the mood more often. I don’t want to have to buy it online and let our mail person know that I have bought porn.

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