Best Buy Geek Squad Accidental Warranty Complaint – Is It Worth The Extra Money To Purchase The Accidental Warranty?

This past January ( 6 months ago) I had purchased a new Hp laptop from my local Best Buy store in Concord, NC. I had just graduated from college and I was able to purchase a new Hp Laptop which had amazing specs in it for a congratulatory gift. It had an Intel Core i-5 processor and 4 GB memory and a 500 GB hard drive with a 14.7” screen. I was very happy with the look and the overall style of the laptop.

As I was purchasing the laptop in January I was very concerned if I should purchase the accidental warranty that was available for purchase. I wasn’t really sure if I should buy the accidental warranty because of the high price. They offered a two year warranty for $229 which put my grand total over $1,000.

I had asked Ryan, the associates that was helping me purchase the laptop to explain how the warranty worked. He had told me that whenever I had something go wrong with the laptop such as an accidental drop or spill. H then had told me that if I had broke the laptop 2 years from now that I would be able to get a gift card for the amount that I had paid for the laptop.

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I had thought to myself that I would be stupid not to purchase the accidental warranty so I went ahead and bought the 2 year accidental warranty for $299. I was really excited to get the laptop home and start using my new HP laptop. I had used the laptop everyday and it ran so smooth and fast which lead to no problems at all.

Last week I had my laptop sitting on the living room floor because I just had gotten up for a quick second to get something out of my office. When I was in my office my son had come into the living room and didn’t see my laptop on the floor. He had stepped on the screen and bent the outside cover, which led to cracking the screen. On top of that he had spilled a glass of water that he had in his hand all over the keyboard!

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I then brought it into the geek squad at Best Buy in Concord, NC because that was where I bought the computer. When I had explained what happened to the Geek Squad the representative had told me that they will have to ship it off and see if it can be repaired. He then had told me that it could be till a week or so till the laptop would be repaired.

I was leaving for New York in two weeks so I was hoping that it could all be fixed and done before I left. I just received an email stating that I needed to come into Best Buy and speak to a Geek Squad representative as soon as possible. I had gone into Best Buy 2 days ago and had a hell of time getting my laptop back. Once I had gone to the Geek Squad counter the representative had said that they were not able to repair the laptop.

They said that it was due to the amount of damage to the screen and that if they were to replace the screen, the lid would still be warped. I was really upset because I loved that laptop and really was hoping to get a replacement.  The Geek Squad representative then went onto telling me what was going to happen now.  He started typing away at his store computer looking up information on my old computer. He then had a little ticket that said my computer was only worth $522 and that is what I had to spend on a new computer. 

I was really pissed becasue I had spent $700 on that computer and the sales person told me that I would be getting the value I paid for it originally back.  I was pissed and I explained to the Geek Squad representative that I wanted to speak to a manager becasue I was lied to when I bought the computer and I was pissed off!  He had took me around to see if there was a computer I liked and I said that I wanted an HP and one that had all the specs my computer had. 

He said that they don’t sell that computer anymore and the ones he had on the floor were nothing like my old HP.  He then showed me a Lenovo laptop, which I had never heard of before.  It also looked like a computer that was from the 90′s and I for sure did not want a huge gaudy laptop that I would be carrying around.  He had told me that they were a great company who bought out IBM but I then asked him why it was only $599 when the other similar laptops were $700.

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He told me that they didn’t have the recognition that others have and told me that they couldn’t price their products as high due to that.  I told him that Ireally just wanted to speak to a manger and explain the situation to him/her so I wasn’t wasting anymore time walking around in circles.  I had him look on the computer for my old HP laptop and he told me he couldn’t find it so as I was waiting for a manager there was another Best Buy associate at the customer service desk.

I started talking to him and explaining the situation and he was very understan dable of my situation.  He had agreed with me that I had a right to be upset and he would do the same if he were in my shoes.  He then told me that he would double check that Best Buy didn’t have that laptop in stock and he was able to come back with a store who had 3 in stock.  I was very happy to hear that and I was really pissed off becasue the Geek Squad dummy couldn’t find the laptop. 

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The manager arrived and I explained the situation and she had told me that she was sorry that the salesman mis spoke to me when I had originally bought the computer.  I had told her that it was Ryan and she had told me that she would be having a serious discussion with him after this was done.  I know thats what all managers say and it makes the customer happy but I wasn’t buying that bullshit.  She had then agreed to have the HP laptop shipped to the store at Best Buy’s cost and told me that she would call me when it arrived later the next week.

I was happy at this point because I just wanted my HP laptop that I bought in January back becasue it fit my needs and had everything I needed/wanted.  I am still waiting for the phone call to come pick it up but at this poin t I really wonder if a warranty is worth getting on a laptop.  If I had something go wrong with the laptop a year from now, the laptop maybe only worth $300.  I rather not pay for the warranty at $299 because that’s all I am going to get in the end.  It is a complete waste of money unless something goes wrong with the laptop within the first 6 months. 

I believe Best Buy needs to change their warranty policies before I purchase one in the furture.  It shouldn’t be matched with the depreciation value, but the price you originally pay for it.  Think twice before you go ahead and  put out $299 for a useless warranty!

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One Response to Best Buy Geek Squad Accidental Warranty Complaint – Is It Worth The Extra Money To Purchase The Accidental Warranty?

  1. SecretAgent
    August 1, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    The way the warranty works, the Geek Squad Agent was actually trying to prevent loss to the store and it is not the way it works. Usually what is done, is that the laptop is replaced by one of comparative specs. So the one they should have offered you would of had to have Intel Core i-5 the same memory, same screen, whatever. If it is not available they would find one that is, that is not of loss to you or to them. If in the end you didn’t like their offer, they would of had to give you the store credit card for what you paid for your laptop, plus taxes. Not every store works the same way. Some think more about the customer, while others only think about theirs numbers and hitting budget. My recommendation is simple, go to the store with the best customer service, they will always keep the customer first.

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