Big Lots HSBC Credit Card Complaint – Horrible Customer Service, Credit Card Financing, and Employees



I went into Big Lots about 2 months ago and decided to purchase a new couch. I had heard about special financing offers that Big Lots offered so I decided to check it out. I wanted to make sure because I was in there 3 months and they told me they did away with the financing, which was a complete lie. When I spoke to an associate, he told me they had 6 month 0% financing with the Big Lots Credit Card.

I decided to go ahead and apply for the Big Lots Credit Card and purchased a nice sectional couch for $699. I was able to but some money down and was able to have a very low monthly payment. Although the interest rate was around 22%, I was going to pay it off within te 6 months. There was no problem applying fir the credit card, but it was a lengthy process because the associate had to call a number and put all my information in through the telephone.

The problem occurred when I went into the store last month and had told the manager that I hadn’t received my Big Lots Credit Card and it had been a month since I applied for it. They had told me that I should have received the card in the mail. The manager told me that they could call for a replacement card and that I should receive it within 2-4 weeks.

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I still hadn’t received it when I went into the store yesterday, so I had asked an associate if I could make a purchase and use my Big Lots Credit Card even if I hadn’t received it yet. The associate had looked at me with a very confused face and told me that he didn’t know how to do that. I had told him that he had to just type in my account number that I had from when I applied for the card, but he said I don’t know how to do that.

He then tried to call for assistance and I had to go and get the manager to help because this guy was an idiot. The manger wasn’t any better because she wouldn’t use my account number because she wouldn’t be able to tell if it was be or not that the account number belonged to. It was absolutely ridiculous and she was extremely rude to her associate as well. She made the associate call the Big Lots hotline and made me talk to someone from HSBC bamk since they are the credit issuers.

It was a huge fiasco and I was extremely pissed because I just wanted to make a purchase and get the hell out of the store. It was about 40 minutes trying to figure out the hotline and what numbers to press so that I could actually talk to someone about my account. I had shown the manager all my ID’s and she said that she needed to talk to someone from HSBC bank.

I had asked her if they had kept the Credit Card applications at the store and she told us that they were locked away somewhere and they weren’t able to look at them. I then asked her if they were able to look it up in the computer and they told me that the computers were not capable to do that.

I have had nothing but horrible customer service and problems every time I go to Big Lots to shop. I am cancelling my Credit Card and will never be returning to Big Lots because it is not worth the hassle that I have been going through the past 3 months!

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2 Responses to Big Lots HSBC Credit Card Complaint – Horrible Customer Service, Credit Card Financing, and Employees

  1. jasmine nissan on June 17, 2011 at 6:56 PM

    I bought a chair 2 months ago, the pneumatic system stopped working after one month and a half!! – pneumatic systems should hold at least 3 years! When i came to the store to return the defected product I have been told there is nothing they can do about it. As i explained that im not willing to return the product because i just want to return it but because it was sold with a defect i have been told i should contact the manufacture. As i have contacted the manufacture “febo” i have been told that they don’t even produce those chairs!!! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT! They made m come all the way with this chair the local big lots store in the rain, and then go back with the chair home with no refund or credit store! – not only that, they gave me a phone number of a manufacture that don’t even produces those chairs!! Im extremely disappointed by big lots! I dont think I will ever buy anything less that 10 dollar at big lots just because of the bad service i might i have to deal with again in the future!

    It feels like there is no one to talk to and that the products that they sell are not reliable, no even mentioning the customer service, i was thinking to buy a sofa in big lots but i will definitely wont make this bad decision again!! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!

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  2. Saku on January 28, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    It’s actually very possible that they had ‘done away with’ financing at the time you were in the store; there was a short period that summer when Big Lots’ corporate office had stores stop taking credit applications as a test.

    Credit applications are also not kept in the store. When you apply for credit and are approved, the associate who called in the application is supposed to make a copy of your application, with your account number, and give the copy to you. The original application is then dropped into a lockbox, and the applications are mailed to HSBC once weekly. After they are mailed, there’s no record kept of your account with Big Lots; they are all kept filed with HSBC. Therefore it’s impossible for store associates to go back and look at your application.

    You should have been able to make a purchase with the copy of your application and your ID, however. Sorry you had such an aggravating experience.

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