Carolina Volkswagen Charlotte NC car dealership review and complaint – shady finance managers!

Carolina Volkswagen Charlotte NC car dealership review and complaint

The staff at Carolina Volkswagen (mostly the managers) was a pack of liars and thieves!

I was looking to replace my VW jetta with a newer model and maybe something a little bigger. So I heard an ad on the radio about how great the service and prices were at Carolina Volkswagen so I went there (boy, do I wish I hadn’t). I was in for a nightmare of a day at their dealership.

Carolina Volkswagen
7800 East Independence Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28227
1(866) 308-0487

As soon as I got there I met a nice salesperson named Henry Harry or something like that. He was a nice guy and not too pushy. So I felt comfortable there. Maybe this was to soften you up before the lying SOB finance manager gets to you and tried to rob you blind, but more on that in a second.

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We looked at different car models and talked for a while. Henry was really nice. We went back inside the dealership after I drove a few of the new models and worked out some numbers. I met his boss, a Mr. Smith – he was fast talking and seemed a little shady. He was too pushy for me.

He just wanted me in a vehicle. He didn’t care about much else. He also were trying to tell me that I needed to make monthly payments. I had always paid cash for my cars and never made monthly payments and didn’t plan on taking out a loan this time. He told me I would be better off taking out a loan and investing the money I was going to pay for the car in the stock market.

I told him that with the economy in the toilet that would be a horrible decision. He then proceeded to tell me that he earns well over $100,000 a year (probably from lying to customers like he was doing to me) and that he knew what he was talking about and that I should listen to him.

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Then I had to go and meet with the finance manager – don’t know why as I was paying cash for my car. This SOB was far worse then Mr. Smith. He was actually lying to me. I had a very high credit score (800 or so and I knew this as I pull it once a year to check for identity theft and stuff like that).

I think the guys name was Jamar or Jamal or something like that. He was your typical posterchild for a shady car salesman. He told me that in order to purchase the vehicle I had to do a car loan. He said no one pays cash for cars and that they didn’t even have the correct paperwork for me to do a cash deal.

Then, without my permission as it turned out, they had pulled my credit report and he had red circles all over the place on it and was trying to tell me how bad my credit was – he was trying to get me to take a higher interest rate probably to further line his greedy pockets. He also lied to me about a car warranty.

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He told me to qualify for a loan that I had to purchase the warranty. I eventually had enough and left. I wanted no more to do with this Carolina Volkswagen car dealership. I ended up going to the nearby Infiniti dealer and I purchased a very nice Infiniti G35 sedan that was loaded with far more options then the VW’s. I got a great deal and no BS at the Charlotte Infiniti dealer.

Stay away from Carolina Volkswagen. Harry was nice, but Mr. Smith and this Jamal or Jamar character were the worst. They will lie to you until you are blue in the face – terrible car dealership and a terrible experience.

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