Charlotte Knights Minor League Baseball Stadium Complaint – A Family Outing Turned Out To Be A Stressful Night!

Last night my family and I went to the Charlotte Knights game in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  We had gotten tickets off of a couple weeks ago.  They had an offer for $15 that included 2 tickets (which we got second rows behind the visitor dugout) and an appetizer from the Budweiser Brewhouse.  It seemed like a really good deal because the tickets were $14 a piece and the appetizer was a $8 value as well.

Another reason why we love to go to the Charlotte Knights games is because it is so close to where we live that we can get there within 15 minutes.  When we arrived at the stadium we were able to get a good parking spot and then headed into the stadium.  As we approached the gates the man that was scanning tickets told me that I couldn’t bring in my bottle water. 

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I had my medical note from my doctor in my hand because I know you can’t bring outside beverages inside the park.  I had looked on the Charlotte Knight’s website and it states “Outside food is prohibited inside the park unless it is for medical reasons”.  Once I had showed him the medical note, he had told me that I still couldn’t bring in my water.  I had told him once again that I needed my room temperature water for my disease that creates heart attack chest pains.

He told me that there was water inside the park for me to buy and refused to let me in with the water.  He then decided to call his supervisor over and his supervisor let me in right away. He had told the man at the ticket gate that they weren’t going to hassle people with medical notes.  I was very upset because it made me look like I was doing something wrong. 

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I felt like crap after dealing with this situation and just wanted to go back home and not stay for the game.  Before we headed to our seats we decided to use or appetizer food voucher in the Budweiser Brewhouse which was located on the top floor.  When we had arrived at the Brewhouse, we had about 30 minutes till the first pitch.

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We thought we had enough time to get our appetizer and then get to our seats, but we were way wrong!  When we were seated at a table and had noticed there was a lot of people sitting around with the same voucher that we had.  We had to order from the waiter had then we would be able to take our food to our seats. 

It took 50 minutes for us to get our food and to get to our seats to see the game.  We had missed the first two innings by the time we got to our seats and it was just more frustration that I could had gone without.  I had come to the Charlotte Knights game for a fun night with my family and it turned out to be a stressful night!

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