Cheddar’s Restaurant Compliment – Delicious Food, Fun Atmosphere, and Highly Recommended To Everyone!!

Tonight my girlfriend and I decided to go out to dinner at our local Cheddars restaurant.  We had been to a Cheddars restaurant in Georgia and we were overall happy with the experience so we thought we would give this one a try.  When we had gotten to Cheddars around 6 p.m. (Saturday), the parking lot was pretty full!!  I had thought to myself that we may need to find a different restaurant to go eat at.

We had found a parking spot and walked into Cheddars.  Once we arrived at the hostess station we had asked how long the wait would be for a table for two.  They looked at the seating chart and had told us that we could be seated right away.  It was perfect because we were really anticipating them to tell us what everyone else was saying which was 50-55 minutes. 

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We were walked to our table and as we were walking I noticed a couple things.  They had a large wall fish tank which was amazing to look at.  Another thing I noticed was a huge rotating fan which you can see below.  It was an awesome atmosphere filled with a lot of positive vibes all around.  Walking by these cool things, we had then reached our table.

Our waitress came over and had started off by greeting us and taking our drink orders.  I wish she would have asked us if we would like to see the drink menu, but I guess I will cut the waitress loose due to my girlfriend looking young. Lol.  We decided to take a look at the menu as the waitress was getting our drinks and decided on ordering the chips and queso dip.  When the waitress had brought back our drinks, about 3 minutes later the appetizer was on the table. 

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If there is one comment to take out of the experience, it would definitely be that the food service was extremely quick!!  The queso dip was amazing and the fresh hips were absolutely delicious.  It had also came with a thing of salsa, but we were all for the cheese dip.  When we had ordered our appetizer, we also had told our waitress what we wanted for dinner. 

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As we were munching away at the queso dip, our salads came out with a croissant as well.  It was a little bit too soon because we really weren’t done with our appetizer but it was nice to see no waiting for the food to be served.  I had ordered the ceaser salad and it was delicious as everything else.  The croissant was divine and I could have eaten at least 10 of those.   As we were still eating our salad and munching on the queso dip, our main course came out.

We both had decided on the chicken alfredo dish and we were both glad we did.  It was the perfect mixture of chicken alfredo, large baby carrots, and broccoli.  It also came with a piece of garlic toast and was perfect addition to the dish.  We absolutely loved every single part of dinner and would greatly return many times to come.  The service was good and the food was so delicious.  I would recommend Cheddars to anyone that wants an amazing meal out!!!

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One Response to Cheddar’s Restaurant Compliment – Delicious Food, Fun Atmosphere, and Highly Recommended To Everyone!!

  1. Alvin on January 21, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    I really enjoy eating at Cheddars; it has great service and menu; all the fresh items make you feel like visiting the place again and again.

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