CLEAR Complaint – Internet Service Provider With Horrible Customer Service!

Looking for internet providers, it can get complicated with the downloading speed, packages provided, uploading speed, and also the type of connection.  I just moved into an apartment and have been searching around and researching internet providers.  I have found Time Warner Cable Road Runner, Windstream, AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Juno, and CLEAR.   The only difference it seems is price and connection speeds due to cable, DSL, and fiber optic cables.

When I went to get the mail yesterday, I got an envelope from CLEAR wireless.  I didn’t know what it was when I first saw the name on the envelope, but I still opened it up to see what it was.   I found out that it was a internet provider.  I thought that this was a coincidence because I was searching around for companies for a couple days. 

As I read the brochure they provided in the mass mailing, it stated that they provided a deal that was a last chance special.  It included home internet and on the go internet for as low $55 with a two year contract.  It also states that CLEAR offers 4G internet speeds and offers you to surf the internet home and on the go.  I thought that this was an awesome deal because you would have internet wherever you go, but I decided to look around at other providers.

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I looked into Time Warner Cable and they could offer me 34.95 internet service and cable for the price of $70 including taxes.  The cable side included DVR, HD channels, and taxes.  I decided to put this on the back burner and did more research on the CLEAR internet.  As I was researching on CLEAR’s website, I was able to talk to a customer service representative.  First off they asked me if they could do a soft credit report and asked me my first and last name, address, and contact number.  I thought this was rather fishy because they were asking all my personal information on the internet to someone I had no clue who they were.

Next they had told me that I was approved for their deal which included the home internet and the mobile internet.  The deal consisted of activation, taxes, and equipment charges were free with a 2 year contract agreement.  They also told me that I would have to pay $37 for the first two months and then I would have to pay $67 monthly after that for the 2 years. I had told the customer service representative Colleen, that I had found a cheaper price with Time Warner Cable and the next second she had disconnected from the chat session.

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After seeing how their sales customer service representatives acted toward me, I definitely decided that I didn’t want to deal with any hassle that I might deal with later on.   Even though the plan was included mobile internet of 4G wireless connection, I felt that the price of CLEAR was still a waste of my money.  I also was rather upset because the brochure also stated that the deal was for $55 dollars and the first month was free.  This was not the case at all because they never included taxes.

Customer service and CLEAR internet provider is clearly a scam and I would not want to see anyone else be scammed by this company.

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26 Responses to CLEAR Complaint – Internet Service Provider With Horrible Customer Service!

  1. David on October 2, 2010 at 11:52 PM

    well I am really trying to find out if anyone else besides me has had this problem with Clears internet service, when I first switched over to clear for a few months Clear provided very good internet service fast speed, especially for downloads, with clear you could download a program or video within a few minutes, you could watch a you tube video with out having to constantly pause the video I wont go into to much detail about this i’m sure people know what I am talking about, but back to subject clear worked great for so long about 4 months and then you get a dramatic drop in download speed lets just say if you usually could download a video game demo with clear in 10 to 15 minutes it would now stay at 800 minutes to download yeah you would never finish downloading that demo now the problem does not lie within web surfing but the problem does lie in download speed and after about 4 months of having flawless speed changed to very poor speed and now i am really considering changing my internet service.

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  2. Reddy on November 12, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Never,Ever Take Clear internet connection
    Never,Ever take a clear connection,This is the one of the worst internet service provider and they know the best way of cheating the customers,I have taken internet connection and called them to cancel it and the customer care person said it cancelled and i checked my bill after one month it was not there and i thought it cancelled,I check my credit card bills after 4 months and saw they started billing me again after one month,When i called then they started telling me stories saying like I called them on saturday and the account dept is closed on saturday so they cannot disconnect it and they kept it in hibernation for one month and activated it automatically,If they are not going to cancel it on saturday why the they give the option to cancel on customer care contact number,If they kept it hibernate is there any where on website they mention it and also they never bothered to send me a mail when they activated,and also there customer care is also one of the worst and they even don’t know the next step to help customers.finally never take Clear service.

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  3. sanae on January 24, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    realy i have enough of this clear … month and I am trying to get my money back ….they keep joking om me …….i want to make this go to a court really ……after they took money from my credit card they said that i cant have a connection cause there is no tower that can give u signal. And they wont refund me….

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  4. Raymond on February 28, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    On the way to work I stopped by a “clear” kiosk to pay my bill like I had done numerous times before. The only difference this time was that I did not know what my actual bill was because I had recently added an additional service and was told that the cost of that service would be prorated for that month. For some reason the clerk at the kiosk stated that he could not “pull up” my new fee for that month. Out of frustration I left without knowing what to pay and on the way to work called customer service and was able to get a quote for the month of $53.00. The next day I again dropped by the kiosk ready to pay the $53.00 however the same clerk that could not tell me what my bill was the day before then informed me that there was an additional $40.00 “reconnect fee” that that had been added to my bill since our previous conversation when he could not tell me what my bill was. WHAT A SCAM!!!!!! BECAUSE THE CLERK COULD NOT TELL ME WHAT MY BILL WAS I HAD NO WAY TO KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY TO GIVE HIM SO I FOUND OUT ON MY OWN AND CAME IN THE NEXT DAY TO PAY THAT AMOUNT ONLY TO FIND THAT AN ADDITIONAL $40.00 WAS ADDED TO MY BILL!!!! INTERESTING HOW THE SAME CLERK WAS ABLE TO FIND MY BILLING AMOUNT THE SECOND TIME AROUND!!! +$40.00

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  5. Peter Markoutsis on March 20, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    Clear Internet’s stuff Sucks They can’t help ………….. They already did it. Clear service sucks their service sucks …… 4G is slower than WIFI and they charge Way 2 Much …………… Clear sucks for another 2 months and if you cut me off I’ll turn you into the the BBB …….. Peter

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  6. Peter Markoutsis on March 20, 2011 at 12:13 AM

    Ya don’t post the real complaints …………

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  7. Peter Franks on March 29, 2011 at 7:28 PM

    Clear is the worst internet service provder around… Since 3/23/10 till 3/29/11 I have had my connection broken over 125 times and those tech people don’t know how to fix the problem. They always have a different fix for the problem but nothing gets fixed….. Clear is a big joke and I would never tell anyone to get Clear service…. If anyone esle out ther is having a connection problem drop me a reply to this comment..Thanks

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  8. Heather on May 13, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    I never in my life dealt with such incompetent customer service. My internet has been down for 10 days! I called customer service two times, and they keep you on the phone for 45 minutes or longer, and they are unable to fix the problem. I got my CLEAR service at Best Buy, and the salesperson who sold it to me was laid off because they are having financial problems. They closed a lot of their stores and laid off a lot of people. I called the Clear Store, and they said they can not help me to check my modem because I bought it got it through CLEAR when they sold it at Best Buy. I was told by the main tech guy at the Clear Store that it’s their companies policy.. so here I am without internet service and none of the techs can fix it. I am going to take action and report my complaint against them to governmental regulation agencies. They should not legally be allowed to do business.

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  9. LG on May 15, 2011 at 12:21 AM

    I ultimately cracked the code of this infamous business..

    C L E A R:

    Retarded Service

    (Now everyone else can’t complain that they were not warned C: )

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  10. Tanya on May 27, 2011 at 1:08 PM

    I got this service over a month now and has not been able to use it. They have a crappy customer service. On the phone with tech support for over 2 hours and no help. They are a rip off please save your money DO NOT GET this service.

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  11. Heather on June 8, 2011 at 7:08 PM

    I cancelled my CLEAR service because I did not have service for 10 days… and they were not able to help me on the phone. I called two times.. and they keep you on the phone for 45 minutes or more only to tell you that they can not help you. I paid my $40.00 to cancell my contract, and they WILL NOT stop calling me! I keep getting this automated call saying I’m late for my payment.. I’m so fed up today. They called me 5 times today saying I’m late for my payment… do not do business with CLEAR. I just called them and asked them not to call me anymore, as I did earlier this afternoon, and the woman was so rude saying they did not call me. I told her they announced themselves as CLEAR, and I called the number back and got them, so it had to be them that called me. They are so incompetent. I want them to stop calling me on my cell and harassing me!

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  12. David on June 13, 2011 at 12:38 PM

    Clear sucks, beyond what I could possibly convey with words.
    When I first got their service, I was told I was in an excellent location, (metropolitan Seattle). They said I was in (great range) of 4 of their towers. I had purchased their receiver, because they don’t lease them.
    Over the course of a week, I had lost my service about 40 times, and I called them and they tried to tell me it was my router.

    I had the same router with Comcast and never had a problem. The next time they tried to say it might be a compatibility issue between their receiver and the router. They then gave me a different thing to try to see if it was a router or receiver issue. After doing this it was CLEAR that it was their receiver.
    and I called them again. They asked whether I streamed lots of videos or something and I said NO but didn’t understand why that would matter. Later, they said that the reason I was losing my connection was because so many people were taking all the bandwith.

    Bottom line is that I don’t care what others are doing I want a reliable service and they were unable to help, and said there is nothing else they could do. Basically admitting their service sucks. But by claiming this and that could be the problem, they had forced me to take time to troubleshoot and to phone them over and over. By the time I got to the real issue, that their service is the culprit, 30 days had passed, and their policy is to not refund any money for receivers purchased after 30 days.

    I’m SOL with regard to the receiver as I own it.
    I also cant get my Direct TV to use the connection because one their connection speed is to slow, and two because of the service interuptions.
    On any given day, I lose internet 4-10 times a day. I have noticed the worst times are normal business hours when most other people are using the internet.
    Why isn’t there a class action suit against CLEAR, there seems to be suits on every other company. Clearly, CLEAR internet sucks.

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  13. F on June 27, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    Clear is a bunch of BULLS#!T Im glad i didnt do a 2yr contract for there S#!ty service, when i sign on almost two years ago there sales pitch was oh theres no cap on the internet you’ll have a nice fast internet that can reach up to 10mbps or some type of speed, YA Right. Now they have “4 G with speeds up to 90mbps” BULLS#!T! Next over the past month after having clear for two years CLEAR is going to terminate my service because I’m using too much internet, WTF? I recived two emails saying that clear has been montiering my internet and im using TOO MUCH and it is affecting others in my nebiorhood. This was the final email i got from clear: We have twice notified you regarding an ongoing violation of Clear’s Acceptable Use Policy by reason of an atypical amount of internet traffic on your Clear connection which has been negatively impacting the Internet service of other customers in your area. Due to continued violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, we are terminating your Clear services. All data services will be terminated in 14 days from the date of this email, and all voice services will be terminated in 30 days from the date of this email. F@*% Clear I plan on making a free website to let everone know clears service is a FRAUD. Watch Netflicks = violation of Clear Play ps3 online= violation of Clear play xbox360 online= violation of Clear music DNLDS= violation of Clear netwoking or more than one com on your network= violation of Clear So please Get a better internet Because Clear is FULL of S#!T with their service.

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  14. Luckypennyx2 on July 13, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    My service was interrupted for non-payment. i was told i owed $60 and given the option of paying the full amount or a partial amount. I chose to pay a partial amount of $20. they charged that $20 twice. i called htem and told them to reverse both charges and they said they would within 3-5 business days. but two days later, instead of reversing the two privious charges of $20, they charged my card AGAIN for $20.41! when i called and asked them why they would do charge my card again after being told the day before to reverse the previous charges, they first told me they wouldn’t reverse any of the charges unless i provided them wiht another method of payment for the entire amount. THEN they said their system is set up such that if any amount is owed, the system will charge the method of payment for the entire amount. When i pointed out that that’s not the impression it gives when you give customers the option of making partial payments, the customer service rep told me this information was in the information i received when i signed up for service. that was in 2008. when i asked her for a copy of the info, she told me “you need to create a clear email address and read the information there.” what does that even mean???

    so the bottom line is, they tricked me by offering me the option of making a partial payment and charged the entire amount anyway, then basically said they have the right to do it because it’s in the contract i no longer have from 2008 and they aren’t going to provide me with a copy of the contract.

    this is no way to treat a long time customer. i’ll be filing a complaint with my bank to dispute the charges. perhaps if they won’t provide me with the verbiage that says they’re allowed to treat people this way, they’ll give it to them.

    i say this to say, this is the worst example of customer service i have ever experienced. very disappointed in Clear.

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  15. Bull B. on July 14, 2011 at 12:15 AM

    this service is probably run by Hitler…

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  16. Daniel on July 18, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    I called just to get pricing and service info. After the rep tried to get me to pay for service i informed him that i was broke, and i was going to say i was only calling for info, but at that point he had hung up. If they treat potential customers that way i can only imagine how they treat actual customers.

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  17. Wally on July 28, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    Clear wireless suspended my account, their excuse was that i used too much internet. I couldn’t believe it and i thought that it was a mistake knowing that i purchased unlimited 4G internet service. Clear is a complete scam ! They advertise for 4G unlimited internet service but the truth that is not. The worse part is that i called more than 5 times to restore the service,it was a complete waste of time talking to unprofessional untrained ” customer service representatives” … i switched to another internet service provide and i am happy.
    Clear kept sending me emails, they want me back and have a fresh start. I can not stand them and they deserve to go out of business.
    Clear is the worst internet company, they don’t deserve to be in business. Expensive, down all the time and limited, this is clear.

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  18. RYC Site Visitor on August 13, 2011 at 12:57 AM

    To this very day I don’t really understand how CLEAR got its name (seeing how everybody who works there acts as if their brain is in some kind of fog).

    =/ ?

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  19. kishor kandel on August 14, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    I talked one of the customer care representative and she was really really rude. she said her name was Alla and was a second level CMT but after talking to one hour on the phone troubleshooting my slow connection speed she just hung up on me and did not call back. I have never seen such a bad customer service. And while on the phone she first started yelling at me. I mean who in the world yells at the customer? This was the worst experience I ever got from a customer service representative.

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  20. Margie on September 1, 2011 at 10:54 PM

    Been with Clear over five months, never fillout ISP Address correct,
    been cut off Modem Motorola aware of this couldn’t doing anything like provider need be reported,cannot get help from them , deal craze services, coming out can do better sure hope everyone think goes with them out for money, not have any acknowledge how treat a customer.

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  21. KT on September 10, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    Clear is by far the worse customer service experience I have ever had in my life. It has been 3 days since I have been trying to cancel my service but with no luck. The people that work for them on the customer service side are outsourced overseas and apparently none of them have any clue about how anything works here in the US. I even spoke to a supposed manager based overseas who had no clue as well. I received a UPS label that I was supposed to use for the return of my equipment but the label was one that was already used for someone that expired in June for delivery in Nevada (and I live in Texas). On top of that they want to charge me a $40 cancellation fee even though I signed a month to month agreement. How this company continues to exist is beyond belief. Please stay CLEAR away from this fraud of an operation.

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  22. thomas franks on September 19, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    Clear is using the motoral wimax cpei 150 which in the opinion of others who have it is a unit that can’t hold a signal out to a clear tower…. It will repeatly drop the signal.You have to unplug the power to the thing to get it to reset itself… Of coarse clear customer service says it’s my computer….Wrong….. They just don’t care about the customer and there problems.. All they care about is that monthly fee….. It would be nice if the modem worked the way it’s should…. And if you don’t know it clear has been sued many times….Just look at this site for one lawsuit….

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  23. Tobin on September 21, 2011 at 8:32 PM

    Very unsatisfied!!!!!!!!!! Was told by Csvc I can switch from a USB to Modem plan for $19 per month. Called back and NO ONE knows about this. Calls go to the Phillipines and these guys have NO CLUE.

    another bad experience.

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  24. Ruth on September 24, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    I was just on the phone for an hour trying to cancel my service. At first, they tried to get me to keep it, but I have already switched to someone else, because Clear’s internet service was terrible. I was told there would be a cancellation charge but I had just paid for a month on the 18th, and I wanted that to go towards this fee. He told me that wouldn’t work and they would keep my the rest of my money. I told them I didn’t like that and asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for a long time, he came back on the line and tried to tell me they would enhance my service, and I said NO. I did not want their service and I didn’t want to pay anymore. I asked again to speak to a supervisor. Another 20 minutes go by, and he comes back on the line to tell me they were setting up a “ticket” to cancel my service and apply the remaining funds to the $40 cancellation fee. Now I have to wait and monitor my credit card account to make sure they don’t charge me anything. Guess the point is, if you tell them that it’s unacceptable to keep your money, that you will take them to court and insist on speaking to a supervisor, they may see things your way.

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  25. Richard N. on September 26, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    I am not sure what all these complaints are about. I did have wavebroadband cable internet. They raised the price every other month even though I had a 12 month written contract. The connection was as slow as a government worker and when the wind would blow the cable would always go out. I got CLEAR and instead of doing a two year contract I bought my equipment for $120-. CLEAR’s speed is probably 5 times faster than the cable I had it set up and running in less than 5 minutes. I pay $45- a month, $9.00 less than the cable and faster and more reliable service. Also the cable company informed me that they were going to start charging overages. CLEAR came at the right time for me. I’ll never go back to cable, ever.

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  26. Richard N. on September 26, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    PS since I got rid of wave broadband cable I am using a digital antenna on my roof. The picture quality is 50 times better than cable and I get more free channels that cables basic package.

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