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No spam comments and emails

This is our policy on spam comments and emails – they all go in the trash!

I don’t know about you but we receive hundreds of spam comments and e-mails each and every day here at Some are so blatantly obvious like the ones from Romania and other European countries written in a foreign language and with 10 to even as much as 100 or more links back to their scammy XXX website or a credit card or bank spoof site.

We don’t like spam here in any form. So if you’ve noticed we use several anti-spam programs both for the comments and for the e-mails plus all comments must be approved first prior to posting live on the website. So you will not see any spam comments or anything similar on this website ever.

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We also review all posts, complaints, reviews and raves about products, services and companies prior to posting them. If they are found to be spammy in nature we automatically delete them out. Also if we find a comment that is quite obviously written in a deceptive manner by the company or its employees we will put in bold at the top of that comment a warning that it is from the company and why.

We feel it is important that our readers know the truth and if a company is trying to make false comments to better themselves or to take away from someone’s truthful complaint we want to make sure you know about that. We don’t think it’s right for a company to be able to falsely use anonymous comments that are fake in nature to wrongly dissuade consumers or take away from their complaints.

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Obviously the people writing these complaints have a reason for it. Whether it be that they were mistreated, sent a bad product that doesn’t work, or plain out ripped off – they have something to say and we want consumers to be able to say these truthful complaints without any chicanery or falsehoods left through anonymous names and deceptive tactics.

If the company has something to say or wants to respond to a complaint – we are all for it and we want to hear their side or take on the matter.  We also would like to hear what they’re going to do to fix the situation.  As everyone knows all companies will receive complaints sooner or later, it’s how these companies respond to and act upon these complaints as to what kind of a company they really are and what their true character is.

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Companies that leave false comments or that leave false posts and complaints about their competitors, that is just plain wrong and is actually illegal.  If we find this out about a company that they have done this we will post a warning in bold print on the comment or post as to what we think is going on and in the case of false posts and complaints we will forward the information to the authorities and to the company that has been affected by these false posts.

So, in a nutshell, we want your truthful comments, complaints, reviews and raves.  We will not post any spam comments and will delete them out immediately.  So if you plan on sending us spam comments you are wasting your time.  Just keep it truthful and will be glad to post anything you would like about any company, service or product out there.  We have no limitation on niches and anything is fair game for this website as long as it is truthful.

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