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Here is where you can enter either a complaint against a business, a compliment or rave of a business that you like and are recommending or a review of a business, product or service whether good or bad.  Be sure and stick to the facts.  Do not add things like you think the manager is an alien from Mars.  Stick to what you do know and try and include the businesses name and address as you will receive better results when you do that especally with a complaint where you want your money back or some similar result.

We require that you enter your name and address along with a valid e-mail address is that verifies that you are a real person and say he/she can be contacted if necessary.  We do not share your e-mail address and other private information.  We will review all complaints, complements and reviews prior to publishing them.  We will not publish anything that we deem as spam.  We may run the entry through an SEO related program which may change up some of the keywords and will only help your complaint or other type of entry place higher on the Internet, receive more traffic and get results (especially with a complaint where the goal is to get your money back or a similar refund).

Here is an example of a good review:

User name: Treeguy23 (please do not show my name and address with this rave).

Mark Stevens

11231 Bleske Hills Rd.

San Obispo, CA 90220

Geat customer service at BJ’s:

Last year I purchased a Gateway desktop computer from BJ’s it worked great for about a week or so.  Then one day I turned it on and all it would do is make this weird beeping noise and nothing would come on the screen and the disk drive just kept running.  I called Gateway for customer service and they told me they couldn’t help me because I bought it from BJ’s and I had to call BJ’s to see what they could do.  BJ’s told me to call Gateway Tech support.  So I did and the folks at Gateway Tech support determined from the beep that was going on that it was a fatal motherboard error.  This required the computer to be returned, but since it was bought from BJ’s,  BJ’s has their own return policies. 

So I called back to BJ’s and it apparently by this time was out of the two-week return policy and they said there was nothing they could do.  I asked to speak to a manager and the manager upon reviewing my complaint and what was going on told me to just bring it in with the entire packaging and everything came with and just exchange it for another one.  That was great, so I got a replacement that works 100% and still does today and I’m very happy with it.  I recommend BJ’s and the fact that they honor the products that they sell and guarantee them even though the manufacturer won’t (as in this case Gateway had a purchase agreement with BJ’s where Gateway no longer guaranteed these products).

BJ’s stood behind their products and customers and did the right thing.  So I’ll be a customer of BJ’s for years to come. 

Besure and state whether you are filing a complaint, compliment or rave, or review.  And also be sure to include your valid contact information as we may have to contact you back (especially with complaints) if we need more information or if the company involved wants to make amends with you through a refund or similar offer – which actually happens quite often here on Reportyourcomplaint. 

If you do not provide valid contact information many times the company cannot contact you and correct the wrongdoing that may have been involved.  If you do not want your name listed with your complaint for all to see but just on file then be sure and note that as above and include a unique username along with the rest of your information and we will only use the username when we publish your entry.

Also be sure and include a picture or two of the business or product you are writing about. Include a brief sentence along with the picture that you would like stated in a caption under the picture. This is not necessary but will definitely help gain attention to your complaint or review. Be sure and use either your own pictures or pictures that are not copyright protected for this.

Disclaimer – the above rave is just an example and not real so the persons information along with the rave is false.  It is just there so you can see a good example of what we need to publish your complaint, complement or rave, or review to get you the best results possible. Also, all comments, posts, entries, etc… all become the sole property of ReportYourComplaint upon submission.

Enter your information and the complaint, complement or rave, or review as described above in the reply box below:

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