Crest Cadillac GMC car dealership review – is this a shady car dealership in Syracuse NY or what?

Crest cadillac syracuse ny scam

Crest Cadillac in Syracuse New York repeatedly turned down warranty work on my Escalade claiming impact damage – there had never been any impact damage to the vehicle and it was brand new – what a scam!

I had recently bought a brand-new Cadillac Escalade and I loved everything about it but one thing – there is only one Cadillac dealer here in Syracuse New York. That’s it. So if you want to take your Cadillac dealer somewhere to get it serviced its basically the car dealer or some offbeat garage. To stay under warranty you have to go your car dealer.

While the problem I had with Crest Cadillac and GMC here on West Genesee Street in Syracuse is that somehow every time I take my Escalade into the service department for some minor thing like the turn signal or the drivers power seat not working these things seem to not be covered under the warranty!

This amazes me and maddens me at the same time because when I bought this vehicle new high with promised that it would team from the factory with the basic bumper-to-bumper warranty. But according to the service department at crest Cadillac they were stating things like impact damage. And according to them anything that could fall under impact damage was not covered under warranty.

Not about you but my car has not been in a wreck or accident of any sort since I purchased it. So I don’t know or the supposed impact damage could come from. I think what it all is is a ruse to get customers to pay full top dollar for repairs because warranty work does not pay anywhernear as much.

The bottom line here is it’s all about profits at Crest Cadillac and don’t think otherwise because they’ll scam you and rip you off in a heartbeat if you give them the chance. According to the service manager and service advisor at Crest impact damage can happen from road debris like dirt or bugs and even from taking your car through an automatic car wash.

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So basically what they’re saying is is that if you buy a brand-new Cadillac Escalade like I did that you cannot drive on the road and you cannot have it outside otherwise you will not be covered by your warranty when something goes wrong or malfunctions. Basically according to the service staff at Crest, you need to park your brand-new car inside a climate controlled garage and never drive it.

Seriously, every time there was something wrong with the vehicle, like when the driver’s power seat stopped working, they would blame it on impact damage and that way I had the foot the bill and of course the bill was much higher for me than it would have been through warranty work.  I know how warranty work works and GM will only pay a certain percentage under their agreement for approved warranty work.

Crest Cadillac and GMC is trying to skirt that certain percentage and double or even triple their service profit margins by lying to customers and claiming that basically anything and everything involves impact damage.  This is actually fraud and ever ready talked to several state authorities in New York about this.  This could be easily proven by checking through Crest Cadillac’s repair records and seeing if their warranty work is far below most other car dealership averages.

I have written a formal complaint to both GM and their subsidiary Cadillac about this.  I hope they close down Crest Cadillac for their fraudulent business practices with respect to warranty work.  If I were you I would avoid this car dealership even if that means buying another brand.

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2 Responses to Crest Cadillac GMC car dealership review – is this a shady car dealership in Syracuse NY or what?

  1. sergstavr on October 31, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    Crest sucks Moose balls! Those guys are scam artists from hell!

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  2. Joe Bingham on November 8, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    I know that I didn’t ever want to do business Crest Cadillac in Syracuse after I went to Crest Cadillac with a card saying I had definitely won a prize if my number matched the number I scratched off. Well it matched! When I got there, there was a bunch of other people waiting who were also winners. A salesperson eventually came over and disdainfully showed us a board of numbers of “winners.” Nobody was on the board. There was some fine print, or maybe we won a prize but they supposedly ran out of them. It was one of the more sleaziest experiences I ever had. Felt like taking a shower after leaving the Crest Cadillac Acura dealership. If a company would do something like that, you are obviously going to have problems down the road, at least that’s my opinion and review of the situation.

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