Dawn of the Dead movie review – this undead zombie movie is a solid B movie!

Dawn of the Dead movie review

Dawn of the dead is a good zombie movie – I give it a rating of B.

Ahhh, Dawn of the Dead. This is one crazy and cool zombie movie. If you’re like me and you like science fiction and horror movies then I am sure you also like zombie movies. There’s nothing like the living dead to make a Friday night that much better. The problem in the past was that most zombies (like in Return of the Dead and other similar zombie movies) are portrayed as being slow moving, mindless beasts or monsters.

This is not the case in the movie Dawn of the Dead. These zombies are like rabid dogs and move fast. The zombie condition in the movie is caused by some kind of extremely fast acting virus that causes death followed soon be reactivation of the affected individual’s brain stem. Just enough to function like a zombie and crave fresh humans.

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These Zombies quickly take over the town and the main characters of the movie find themselves forced to a closed mall. The majority of the movie is from inside this shopping mall. The zombies are locked outside and somehow a ton of zombies decide to go to this mall for the few people alive in there.

That doesn’t make sense to me, but zombies aren’t really supposed to make sense, right? The part about the black guy’s pregnant girlfriend having a zombie baby after having been bit and coming down with the zombie disease and the following shootout between him and the old lady was a little sick in my opinion.

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The guy stranded on the roof across the way gives it a little added side story. I thought it was funny that they were playing games of picking off various zombies by their looking like certain celebrities (Burt Reynolds, etc…) Also the golf thing was funny. They could definitely have used some hotter chicks in the movie, however. It must have been a low budget film as there were far hotter chicks in the movie Zombieland.

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I think they could also have used more of the scenes outside of the mall to make the story more interesting. Dawn of the Dead is interesting with its crazy, rabid zombies, however, it could have been better. I would have to give it a rating of a B for a movie. It is good to watch for the first time, but it is not a movie that one will want to watch over and over again.

I know the movie has been out for a while, but I just downloaded it with my TorrentPrivacy VPN and finally had a chance to watch it this past week.

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