Discovery Kids Animated Aquarium Complaint – These Products Create More Problems Than Excitement For Children

This week was my nephew’s birthday and it took me a long time hunting around for that perfect gift.  As I was walking around Kohl’s department store, I had found many items that were made by Discovery Kid’s.  As I had found these products I had thought to myself this would be a perfect idea because he is 2 years old and loves to watch my fish tank at my house.  I had looked and they had an animated tank which consisted of a plastic sheet of fish going around the tank or they had an animated tank with rubber jelly fish which moved around in the tank.

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I had decided to purchase the tank with the floating rubber jelly fish because it was more realistic than the plastic film that went around the tank.  I was so excited to get to his birthday party and watch his face as he opened the gift.  When we got to his birthday party, it came down to opening up the aquarium.  When he opened the gift you could see the excitement in his eyes. 

He yelled right away “fish!”  in his cute two year old pronunciation.  It turned out to be the best gift by far and we opened the box up right away to set it up.  As I was going through the set up directions, you had to use distilled water and not tap water.  That was fine because they had a lot of bottled water in their house which was good. 

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The next part of the set up was soaking the jelly fish in water for an hour, which was just more of a suspense builder.  When the jelly fish were ready to be put into the tank, we set the tank up in his room.  It was really neat to see the different lights you could have on it the tank.  It was really neat and we were really excited because of how realistic it looked.

The next day I had received a phone call from my sister saying that the tank had leaked all over the dresser where it was placed in his room.  I was really upset and disappointed because my nephew loved the tank.  My next step was to look up reviews about the aquarium and see if anyone else had experienced leaks.  There were many of complaints about their Discovery Kids animated jelly fish aquariums, which I wish I had seen in advance.

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I had to return the aquarium to Kohl’s and purchase the other animated fish tank.  This fish tank is pretty much boring but when I had opened the box, the tank had scratches all over it.  I then had to return that Discovery Kid tank and get another on that didn’t have scratches.  I have been very disappointed with Discovery Kids products and I don’t recommend purchasing any of their products.  After all the disappointments I encountered, I wouldn’t want to see anyone else encounter them too.

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One Response to Discovery Kids Animated Aquarium Complaint – These Products Create More Problems Than Excitement For Children

  1. mike dunlap on February 15, 2012 at 9:36 AM

    recently i purchased one of these animated tanks for my grand child which is 2 years old. after 3 days the light went out and it quit working 2 days after that. how about replacing the tank?

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