Disney Store Ordering Complaint – I Was Double Billed and Not Compensated Fairly For My Inconvenience!

‘Complaint on Disney System Error of double billing (correction by crediting) causing customer cash loss’

A web order was placed with Disney Store and after the delivery is done. A mail is received from Disney Store.

“Regrettably, we experienced some system errors causing you to be billed twice. However, we have issued a full credit of $240.53 to correct the error. This is not an example of the quality service we wish to provide and we hope that you find this to be an isolated incident. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

It was then found out that due to the double billing and the respective credit transaction, a loss in local currency (around USD10) was found and then reported to Disney Store to seek for resolution. And a further reply is received.

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“We appreciate your interest in DisneyStore.com. I would like to offer you a $10 online gift card for the inconvenience.” and a further mail

“We are delighted to have received your recent email and we appreciate your interest in DisneyStore.com. Yes it was a system error on our part,all we can do is offer you the $10 c/l since we returned the money to your card already”

The feedback is finally a Disney System error with $10 gift card which you can only use on further purchases from a store which have caused you actual cash loss. Can this call an offer ? Finally there is no compensation at all. A well known brand “Disney” which has System error and no regret in causing customer loss. Will you shop more ?

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