Dunkin Donuts Review – Huntersville NC Location Review After A Sunday Morning Breakfast Stop

I have been a fan of Dunkin Donuts for many years. In fact, I would go so far as to say that their coffee could be the best you can find anywhere in the United States. They always serve it piping hot and I enjoy the variety of flavored coffees they have on their menu. They also have some great specials for buying the bags to take home. I like grinding my own at home as it stays fresh.

My reason to write to your site focuses on both the good and bad about my experiences with Dunkin Donuts. With that said, I want to have a post which will give your readers a sense of positive and negative, which I hope Dunkin Donuts will take seriously and become 100 percent great in the future!

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Today, my wife and I had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. We typically look in the bagel bins to see the kinds of bagels available for sandwiches or to add cream cheese too. However, the Dunkin Donuts near our house in Huntersville, NC never seems to have these bins filled and so your first impression is they have no more of that flavor. Instead, the people creating the orders in the back have the flavors in their area but there is nothing posted to lead the customer to believe this. Stack your bins with at least six or eight of each flavor to help your customers!

We ordered our bagels toasted and in particular my wife ordered hers mildly toasted. She told the girl behind the counter at least three times to toast the bagel lightly and the clerk assured us she had this noted on the order request. Our bagels were delivered and my wife’s was toasted dark and mine was somewhat burned.

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I suspect we should have returned them for new but we decided to leave it alone and eat our bagels. After all, the coffee was delicious and very hot as we like it. The thing is the toasting of bagels seems to be something that is a big issue with Dunkin Donuts and I don’t believe this is too be a difficult task as the settings should be able to handle this task.

The donuts at Dunkin are some of the best you can imagine. They also offer a nice variety. However, I encourage you to once again stock all flavors in the store at the counter so people can see what is really available and not have the clerk say, “I have those in the back”.

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Finally, I like the assortment of tables at our location. They have regular tables, high bar stool type tables, and room for small or large groups both inside and outside. I saw the rating of the restaurant as 99.5% on your wall. If you plan on keeping this rating, you better have someone wiping down the tables on a regular basis. Our table was sticky from a previous customer and we had to wipe it down prior to sitting down. Someone on the crew needs to be responsible for cleanliness of the tables and I would make that a priority.

I do want to continue being a customer at Dunkin Donuts but wanted to post to this great site to make my opinions heard so Dunkin Donuts can improve and keep me coming in for visits.

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