Ed and Bob’s textbooks review – great way to save big on college textbooks for summer classes by renting!

Ed and Bob's textbooks review

I saved a bundle this summer on my college textbooks at UNCC by renting from Ed and Bobs Textbooks!

I took two summer college classes this year at UNCC (operations management and managerial economics). I tried something new this summer – I rented my textbooks from Ed and Bob’s textbooks and I ended up saving quite a bit! I rented each for under $30 – that is a huge savings off UNCC bookstore prices and even lower then Miner Books and Grey’s bookstore.

With college costs getting higher and higher all a time is important to try and save money. I figure I must have saved probably $100 or more by renting rather then buying books for the summer semesters. If I had purchased the books I would’ve easily spent $100 more even if I bought them at a discount online through Amazon.com or Ebay.

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I will have to look into renting books from Ed and Bob’s textbooks this fall and see how much money that will save me. I must admit it looked a little weird at first to have to meet the Ed and Bob folks at the back of the Arby’s parking lot across the street from UNCC in the big white truck.

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But the books are the same as you can buy at the campus bookstore but at tremendous savings! I also like the fact that Ed and Bob’s textbooks has a website where you can look up your UNCC classes and see if they have the textbooks that you’re looking for and how much a rental from them is versus a purchase.

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You can also look up the UNCC bookstore prices for all your classes online through your 49er Express account and compare. What I found weird this summer was that there was actually a few books at Grey’s bookstore and Miner books across from UNCC that were more expensive then the UNCC bookstore – that is a first!

But the books at Ed and Bob’s textbooks are still cheaper across the board and by a lot in most cases – definitely worth checking out in my opinion if you are a UNCC student!

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