Ed & Bobs college textbooks review – do they really have great deals on college textbooks?

Ed & Bobs college textbooks review

I tried Ed and Bobs textbooks and found that I could get far better deals on all my college textbooks online through Half.com and Amazon.com!

I was just walking through my college the other week and I saw a flyer for Ed and Bob’s textbooks. It looked like some kind of homegrown college textbook selling and buying service and apparently to save money they locate themselves in a tent in either the Hess gas station or Arby’s parking lots across the street from UNCC.

so I went to check them out and talk to them and see what kind of prices they could give me on my books for the next semester. they didn’t have the majority the books that I wanted in stock were on hand at that moment so they asked for my e-mail address and they told me they would e-mail me back that day with prices.

The guy I spoke to told me that they have the best prices on textbooks because they don’t have the high overhead of the other stores. Well he didn’t e-mail me back for about four days. when he did I found that their sales prices were ridiculous and the rental price was $40 higher than what I could buy the exact same college textbook new for over the Internet.

that’s right, the first book I looked at on his list I could buy it new from half.com or Amazon.com including priority shipping and handling for $40 less than their rental price. As everyone knows renting college textbooks can be a hassle – especially if you read from a company of never dealt with before and it is a small fish in the college textbook game.

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I look through the rest of the list in every single book that they had I could buy for between 20 and $60 less through the Internet. And that was from their rental prices that was not from their used or new prices. and the books that I could buy off the Internet were brand-new and these were for purchase so I could resell them later if I wanted to.

Obviously I did not read my books or buy my books through Ed & Bobs textbooks. just to make sure there were any mistakes or misunderstandings and mostly to rub it in, I went back with the books that I bought off the Internet along with the printed out receipts from half.com and Amazon showing exactly what I paid for them.

The guy that was manning the tent or awning that Ed & Bobs textbooks uses was the same as the one I originally talked to. When I show him the receipts and the books he told me I was full of crap (actually he used some explicit words which I will not use here). He’ll let me and told me that I had made those receipts up on my computer and that I was the idiot.

Just goes to show you what kind of a classy operation Ed & Bobs textbooks is. I don’t think I’ll be going through them or even looking at their prices anymore for my college textbooks after this experience.

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