Evony.com – it can be one addicting game, but is it really free forever as they claim?

Evony could be a great game, but it isn't free nor fair as they claim. If you want to compete then you need to buy all the little extras and they really add up after a while.

My son started playing this online medieval game called Evony.com. He asked me for some help with it and so we set up the town with cottages, built iron mines, quarries, saw mills and more. The website says free forever and that is right, but only partially. You can play the game for free, but it takes forever to get anywhere.

You can purchase all sorts of little, inexpensive odds and ends to help you proceed faster through the game and to become big enough to fend off foes. After the initial 7 days you can only build one building at a time. This really puts a hamper on things and especially when you get bigger and are trying to build level 8 and 9 buildings and fortifications. Some of these things can literally take a whole day or more each.

And if you want to place things in the Que for production automatically while you sleep or are away from the computer then you need to cough up some more change. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but at $.40 cents here and $10 top $30 there (the introductory package with 200,000 iron, 200,000 lumber, 200,000 food and 200,000 stone costs $30) it slowly adds up.

Don’t pay for a movie rental ever again!

Do you want your army to train faster? Are those archers just taking too long? You can pay another $.80 cents or so and speed up each individual training. What really bothers me the most is that you need to fight battles to get medals for promotions to titles like knight and so on.

According to the forums one out of every 7 lower level fields, swamps, etc… will yield a medal. And 1 out of every 3 or fewer will result in a medal from a higher level. I have been doing this for a while and battled up to level 10′s many times (over 300 battles in total) and not once have I ever received a medal. Yet, anyone can go and pay $2 or so and get the medals themselves from the shop.

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Isn’t that just demeaning? Any Tom, Joe, Dick or Harry can go and buy these4 medals without ever earning them. And my son and I with true battles (some really tough and grueling) under our belt don’t even get one – what is up with that? It is obvious the game is rigged for those that want to pay for the added options, medals, etc…

This makes the game highly unfair to the rest of us that want to play the game in a straightforward and honorable manner. Back in the middle ages a king or lord could not go out and purchase some medals on their credit card to advance in battle. Yes, maybe they might have been able to hire some mercenaries or henchmen, but then again war has never been fair, has it?

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We have a president (Barack Hussein Obama) that can’t tell the truth and lies about where he was born and had to produce a forged birth certificate to quell the rumors that Donald Trump brought about earlier this year. So, I can understand about some unfairness, but in a game that specifically states that it is free forever, I would hope that fairness would also come into play.

My son and I worked hard at the game for over a few months and made a lot of progress. Then we found out that a friend of his with rich parents bought all the add-ons and flew right on bye us in just 2 weeks with much less effort. That is just disheartening and completely unfair. We will be closing down our account and going back to games on the Wii and xBox 360 with games like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Nascar 2011 where there are no additional perks to buy which can and do cause unfairness.

I don’t know, but I am disappointed to say the least. I think I am going to get a massage and try and put this frustration behind me!

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