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By FatManSlim

If you do not know how to create an npc, you just conquer a flat and then abandon it. Just make sure the flat is the correct level (ie. for a level 10 npc you must conquer a level 10 flat). You may have to wait a few days for one of the flats within your cities to go to level 10. Also make sure your cities are within 2 miles and preferably within 1 mile distance from this level 10 npc.

As mileage between you and the city goes up so do your losses and your frustration level. When you have a minimum of 10k ballistas, 20k pikes, 30k swordsmen, 30k horse dudes, 100k scouts, 300k archers and 300k warriors then you are ready to start thinking about soloing your npcs. Soloing it gives your heroes the maximum experience points and you keep all the rewards. Along with resources you many times will find lost armor scripts, Michelangelo’s scripts, gems and medals.

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And don’t let these numbers phase you. I was at this point at a little over a month’s time with absolutely no coining whatsoever. For rose and lion medals I attacked low level valleys (especially level 1-3 swamps and lakes). For honor medals low level npcs (level 1-3 npcs). For courage medals and easy resources I would just send out 500 ballistas and 400 transporters to all the level 5 npcs around me (for zero losses you must have HBR and archery within 1 level of each other and preferably over level 8 – 9 or 10 is best). If I didn’t have enough within close proximity I would create them.

Build your cities right (1-2 farms, 1-2 quarries and the rest saw mills and iron mines as you can always sell the excess lumber and iron for far more money then the food and rock). Also build 14 or so barracks per city and 1 of everything else. Next, get all your training up to level 9 and 10.

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Thats it. It will take time, but don’t give up. What’s funny is I went from zero to on top in less time then the serious coiners did (all of them). Don’t waste your money coining. Let the others do that and keep your head high that you didn’t have to cheat. Plus, remember this, each world is short lived. There comes a time and soon when the alliances will battle for control of the server and then it’s all over.

Once this happens then it’s time to move on to the next server and you start all over again just like everybody else and all those coiners and the most experienced people learn quickly and retire after two or three tours. There is no one playing Evony now that played in the first 15 worlds. The biggest players to ever be have all retired. They came in and conquered mostly by coining and then they found out a few years later that they wasted an awful lot of money they didn’t need to  on a game that’s very fickle and short lived.

Be anonymous and safe on the internet!

Always watch your back in Evony because they’re always be people out there that are jealous, have an ax to grind because they were picked on as nerds all their lives, have no life (there are an awful lot of these on there), are just plain mean or have serious head problems. the main thing to keep in mind is to keep building. Build wall defenses to mostly Archer Towers, 1-2k traps, 1-2k abats, 300 trebs, 300 rolling logs – this will provide the optimum level of defense. And build troops and heroes up.

If you stick to this plan you can easily repeat what I did without any coining whatsoever. Also, another reason why it’s good to join a new server world is because you have a chance to get some of those historic heroes which you can then take out to a level 150 which means some serious firepower. If you join an old world like Broadsword is now these historic heroes are all taken by the coiners.

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