Filing your consumer complaints here on to get the best results of any consumer reporting website!

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For maximum impact file your consumer complaints, reviews and compliments here on

You definitely heard that one right – gets the best results for consumer complaints of any consumer reporting website out there! Just take a look at some of the comments and replies to some of the complaints and reviews posted on our website.

For instance, one of the complaints posted about Portfolio Recover Associates being a predatory and shady collection agency has already been picked up by Jessica Silver-Greenberg of the Wall Street Journal.  So, coffekid, if you haven’t already responded to her then you need to do that as soon as possible – her contact information is posted at the bottom of the page in the comments.   And for anyone else out there with a serious axe to grind with Portfoli Recovery Associates you might want to contact her also and run it by her.  Apparently she is going to be doing a piece on them soon.

We’ve also had numerous replies from companies trying to address and fix problems caused by their products or services.  The more reputable companies will actually post contact information in hopes of clearing up and fixing whatever problems may exist.  Obviously you can tell the shady and scam companies as they don’t respond in kind. 

Or many times they will respond but in a more fraudulent way.  They will make numerous false responses and comments that we can track back to the same ISP’s.  In these cases we do not publish responses and comments that we know to be fraudulent.  This is against our terms of service and can result and has resulted in accounts being closed.

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Post for post, complaint for complaint, review for review, however you want to compare us, is where it’s at!  If you have been taken advantage of, ripped off, treated unfairly, etc…  there is no better place to post or file your consumer complaints then here at!

Another point to keep in mind is that none of our complaints, reviews, compliments or posts gets burried by Google search.  All of our pages rank very highly in Google and will give you maximum impact.  No other consumer reporting website can say that as most have a 50% or greater bury rate.  

Google sees our site as the highest quality consumer reporting website on the Internet currently.  None of our pages get buried or end up in the proverbial Google sandbox.  No other consumer reporting website can say that!  If you want to get back at a company or if you even just want to write a review that has maximum effect you will definitely want to post it here. 

Posting a review or complaint to is easy as 1,2,3!  Just click or go to the file a complaint or review page and have at it!  We are 100% free and a tremendous resource to consumers everywhere!

File your consumer complaints and reviews now!

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One Response to Filing your consumer complaints here on to get the best results of any consumer reporting website!

  1. Brad Flynn on October 15, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    Yes, I would like to make a complaint about President Obama and how he cheated to become president. I know for a fact that he was not born in the USA. So he is a liar and cheat. He needs to be impeached.

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