Financial Recovery Services collection agency complaint – these debt collectors use illegal debt collecting tactics and don’t follow the FDCPA!

Financial Recovery Services collection agency complaint

My mother got a harassing and illegal call from a scumbag debt collector from Financial Recovery Associates.

My mother called me today to tell me that she got a very disturbing phone call for my brother whom lives 5 states away. She told me that the caller told her that it was federal law that she had to put my brother on the phone with them (that would have been hard to do as he was over 5 staes away). They said it was a federal matter and that my brother would go to prison and so would we if he wasn’t put on the phone immediately. Wow.

Knowing that it was probably a scumbag debt collector – we used to get similar calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates for someone named Hector and no one named Hector ever had lived at my address. I told them this and all they would say is we’ll call back. And they did over and over again until we sued them (by the way if this happens to you do not hesitate to sue the collection agency we ended up getting over $15,000 awarded to us plus legal fees by the courts for their ongoing harrassment).

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So, I knew it sounded like a scumbag debt collector flouting the FDCPA (or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which safeguards against harrassing and illegal debt collecting tactics) once again. I asked my mother for the phone number and any other information she had gotten from them. All she had was this number 1(877)901-4987.

So I looked up the phone number on my computer and found out that it was indeed a collection agency – Financial Recovery Services. they are not supposed to be threatening people in the manner that they did with my elderly mother. They cannot state that a civil matter will end up with imprisonment for anyone including if someone were to be in debt with them.

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This is because any debt (except for child custody and court ordered fines and fees) is only a civil matter. They are not criminal matters in the least. It doesn’t matter if someone owes a dollar or $100,000 they both have the same rights and per the FDCPA what the scumbag collection moron (I will refer to him as a moron because he broke the law and knew he did and never left his name so I could get him fired – that’s okay I will cause him to lose his job anyway as I will have my attorneys contact Financial Recovery Services so they can start paying my mother for their illegal actions.

To anyone out there that gets a call from Financial Recovery Services they are just a zombie debt collection agency with no power whatsoever. Do not pay them anything whether you owe or not and please pass this around to everyone and anyone. The more people we can get to put Financial Recovery Associates on their do not answer, do not do business with and do not talk to lists the quicker these scumbag debt collectors will go bankrupt and disappear.

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There is a lot of room in society for businesses but not for ones that routinely flout and break the law and try to harass elderly citizens like my mother. Also, feel free to give them a call and tell them off – give them a piece of your mind, whatever. If everyone called their numbers 1(877)901-4987 all day long they couldn’t pester people and they would lose business and profits would crash.

Also, write a letter to your state governor telling them you are a voting citizen and you can’t stand illegal crap like that which goes on with illegal debt collecting morons like Financial Recovery Associates. Send the same letter to your State Attorney General’s office and so on. Let’s take these creeps off the street and make their collection agents and managers get real jobs and stop harassing innocent victims and breaking laws like the FDCPA.

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4 Responses to Financial Recovery Services collection agency complaint – these debt collectors use illegal debt collecting tactics and don’t follow the FDCPA!

  1. Martin on February 9, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    I work for a collection agency and if you stupid people paid your bills we wouldn’t be calling you. We don’t make mistakes. We called because you owed and we will keep calling until you pay – it’s that simple asshole.

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  2. Jack on May 10, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    I don’t see a problem with collection agencies. I do see a problem with them using illegal and guerrilla tactics to try and scare people into paying. The law is there for a reason.

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  3. bob on July 27, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    Dear author, you are an idiot. You don’t have lawyers, that’s something that people without lawyers say. If you dead beats put as much effort into paying your bills as you do into figuring out how to not pay your bills, you would all be billionaires.

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  4. mike on October 18, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Dear Mr.Collection Agency Employee,I don’t have a problem if you have a valid claim.I object to agencies trying to collect money that was settled and paid off to another agency or debt that does not belong to me.

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