Financial Recovery Services doesn’t heed to federal laws (FDCPA).

Financial Recovery Services doesn't heed to federal laws (FDCPA).

Financial Recovery Services doesn't heed to federal laws (FDCPA). They are illegal and fraudulant collection idiots and need to be sued into the ground with a massive class action lawsuit. Any lawyers interested? This could be the big one for the next decade!

I have received over 41 phone calls in the past 3 days from 1(952)831-4800. They usually hang up on me when I ask for the callers name or more information. They want me to tell them I am someone I am not and they get really rude and indignant about it. I am from Ireland and clearly am not of hispanic descent. Yet they keep calling for some Mexican guy and the caller tells me that he knows that I am this Mexican guy when I clearly am not.

But the caller will not give me any more information until I say that I am this person even though I am not this person. After 3 weeks of literally thousands of calls from the moron people at 1(952)831-4800 we finally received an already opened envelope in the mail – it looked like it was sent without ever being sealed – they did that, I am sure, so that anyone and everyone could open it and see what it is about. The letter was sent by a Financial Recovery Services collection agency.

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It must be that this Mexican guy owes $900 for something, but I am not this Mexican guy and I do not owe these scumbag collectors at Financial Recovery Services or anyone else anything. I did a little research and found that they are heavily abusing the law that regulates collection phone calls. The FDCPA (Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act) states that abusive practices like a high number of repeat, harassing phone calls like I’ve been getting (over 100 or more per day from these scumbags) is against the law.

According to the law I am entitled to $1000 in damages for each and every single one of these harassing phone calls. Any lawyers out there interested in taking my case on a contingency basis? Get in touch with me. I have been recording the rude phone calls and have a list of all phones calls, times received, dates, etc…

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Hopefully we can sue these morons at Financial Recovery Services into the ground. I believe that 1,000+ phones calls at $1,000 a pop is well over 1 million dollars and that is what I am entitled to according to the FDCPA and other similar laws. Hold on one second the phone is ringing again…. Wouldn’t you know it – it’s the bastards at Financial Recovery Services again.

What is really alarming here is that once again I reminded them that I sent a letter with tracking and signature confirmation that I did not want any further contact from them. I have the signed receipt. They said they never received one from me. The guy was very rude and told me I need to pay my debts and called me a scumbag. These are clearly not my debts.

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These guys are breaking numerous rules and laws. There must be an attorney or law firm out there that wants an easy, slam dunk of a case. I have all the proof and they still keep calling. This Financial Recovery Services Company is a terrible collection agency and I think they are using their bullying techniques to try and get me to pay for someone else’s debt that may not even exist. Maybe they are doing this as a numbers game with made up information.

If they bully enough people they could make a ton of money – until they get caught. I am also going to be reporting them to my state attorney general and the Better Business Bureau. If you are a business don’t use Financial Recovery Services because their shady and illegal activities could very easily roll off on to you and you could get embroiled in a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. Attorneys that are interested please contact me.

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One Response to Financial Recovery Services doesn’t heed to federal laws (FDCPA).

  1. Diane on October 29, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    Send them a Cease & Desist letter – samples are on the internet – and make sure to send it Certified with a return (Green) card. They have to sign for it and it gives you a physical copy as proof. Certified with green card is usually the only way they will stop. Include in your letter that you will only deal with the ORIGINAL creditor and request that this letter be passed on to any and all others that the account is assigned to.

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