Finish Jet Dry Review – A Drying Agent That Works Absolutly Perfect And Leaves Dry Sparkly Dishes!

For the past 4 months of living in my apartment here in Oklahoma City, I have been having an issue with getting my dishwasher to dry the dishes correctly.  I had called the maintenance department to come take a look at the dishwasher because it was leaving puddles and puddles of water in all the dishes.  When I had the maintenance workers at my apartment, they had taken out the rubber seal to make sure that it had a proper seal to hold the heat in.

I had told them that there was no water leak so that should not have been a problem.  They had then made sure that the dryer was working when it had gotten to the dry cycle and that was fine.  They then finally told me that I would just have to dry the dishes with a towel when they were all done. 

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to dry my dishes after I send them through the dishwasher.  I f I wanted to hand dry them, I would just do all of them by hand and not waste all the electricity.  I had wondered about buying a drying agent, but was nervous because I didn’t know what chemicals are really in that.

So today I decided to buy Finish Jet Dry “Turbo Dry” even though it around $5.  When I went home I had filled the dishwasher up with all the dirty dishes.  I then filled up the chamber with the Finish Jet Dry and filled the detergent as well.  I then started the dishwasher up and hoped for the best. 

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When the dishwasher was done in about a half hour, I looked at the dishes.  The first thing I noticed right away was the look of the silverware.  The silverware was sparkly as all hell and you could definitely tell that there was some kind of difference.  I then pulled out the top rack and there usually were puddles of water with the plastic cooking utensils and inside the measuring cups. 

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There were absolutely no signs of water at all inside the dishwasher.  There were only sparkles from all the dishes and a happy smile from my face.  Finish Jet Dry is an absolutely amazing product that anyone should try if they want to insure the crystal shiny look of your dishes.  This product worked 200% and the label says #1 recommended brand, which I can attest that is true!!!

If you are having any problems with your dishwasher not drying, put Finish Jet Dry drying agent to the test.  I bought smaller bottle to try first for under $5 and I will be going back to purchase this product again when I run out!

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