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Fontpark font website resource is an awesome online resource for thousands of free fonts!

Have you ever been in the middle of creating a document when you felt the need for a special font and you couldn’t find it? Maybe you were creating a special flyer, a love note, a resume or a personal sales letter or thank you note. Whatever the purpose, I have found the ultimate font website resource – and the best part of all is that it is absolutely free to use. The website is

I found this website while searching the Internet and found it had some really cool fonts and some totally off the wall crazy fonts too. There are hundreds of Chinese fonts, Greek fonts, medieval fonts, fonts made out of pictures and more. It claims to be the largest free online resource with over 70,000 fonts available directly through their website. That’s an awful lot of fonts!

One can have a lot of fun with fonts from this website. There is even 10 different braille fonts. And I don’t know why someone would want to send someone braille through an e-mail or document as you could possibly feel the bumps to read it if you were blind, but if you are looking for a strange font it’s on this website.

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Want to impress your significant other by writing something in a Thai font? How about a Valentine related font? There are over 100 Valentine related fonts to choose from. Once something crazy in a font? How about a font that looks like trash? There are over 200 of these to choose from. There’s old school, scary, runes and even sexy fonts.

The font LCD arcade classic will make your text looks straight off the original Atari or Commodore 64. If you want your note or letter to look handwritten there are over 1000 handwritten fonts to choose from. Some are cool and so make it look like your third-grader writing it, but there are literally over a thousand of these to choose from.

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At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to their most popular fonts like cocktail, 2peas mr. giggles, Baskerville Handcut Itallic (that looks like it could be really neat in creating flyers), Brad Becker Light (which looks like a mix of neon and retro), ALba Super (which looks straight off a 70′s Abba vinyl record sleeve) and citrus fruits (which looks like a mish mash of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Pig Latin).

There’s over 60 army fonts. Browning looks like it came right off a World War 2 army ammo box. The green army men font is just that – different pictures and positions of plastic army men – I don’t know why anyone would use that, but maybe there is a serious army font collector out there?

In any case, if you need a font, want a new font or just want to see what fonts are out there, you seriously need to check out  It’s free, easy to use and a wonderful resource if you are looking for a new font or want something unique.

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