deceptive advertising complaint – they charged me $79.95 for my FREE credit report!

FreeCreditReport deceptive advertising complaint deceived me and then charged me $79.95 per year for their FREE credit report!

I don’t know about you but I am mad. I was deceived by’s glitzy ads and the use of the word free everywhere. After watching one of their commercials I clearly had the understanding that I was going to be receiving a free credit report with no strings attached.

So I ordered the supposedly free credit report from They asked me for my credit card number but told me it was just to verify who I was and is a safety precaution so that an identity thief could not obtain my credit report. So I didn’t think twice about it and gave them my credit card number.

A little while later I noticed the bills for $79.95 on my credit card statement. It was for the annual service from In other words, this was truly not a free credit report. They bill you $79.95 for a year’s service and then they call it some credit watching program if you call them to inquire about it.

I looked this up and it is completely against the law. On the FTC website it says that this is not legal to do. If you’re going to be signing people up for a yearly billing scheme then you need to be clear about this in your advertising and you need to state the purpose and the costs.

FreeCreditReport did none of this. Not only that, but they were even dishonest when I called to inquire about it. Then they tried to tell me that I knew about it and that they told me all about it. That is a complete lie. If I had known that this supposedly free credit report was not to be free and was in the cost is $79.95 per year to be enrolled in a worthless credit watching program then I definitely would not have signed up for it. should be made to lose their website as it is false. There is no free credit report here. They automatically sign you up for their yearly BS billing cycle and its all about profits and deceiving the consumer. This is why they use singers and glitzy ads so that simmers don’t see the truth and become deceived and fall prey to their $79.95 yearly marketing ploy.

Stay far away from There is no free ride or free credit report or free anything you will get from them. It’s all just deceptive advertising and marketing! And just try and get them to stop billing you and to remove you from their billing cycle. It is frustrating and takes forever. I wish I had never ever contacted!

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