review – can you really get a free credit report or is it just another scam?

Freecreditreport band scam may have some cool commercials with this and other bands, but they are really just a flat out scam underneath it all!

I happened to see one of those funny skit advertisements with the long-haired rock band for Basically throughout the whole ad or commercial it stated that you can easily get your free credit report and score
just by going to their website. It looked very legitimate to me at the time. So I went to the website and checked it out. I didn’t notice until later that there were some little disclaimers that you could barely see because they were so small that stated they were unrolling you in a monthly credit monitoring service.

As a part of this monthly credit service you did get a free credit report from all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) with scores up to two times per year. For this you were basically going to pay about $15 a month or about $180 a year. I did not know this but when I did get my first bill from them for $15 I called to inquire what this was for because I had signed up for a free credit report. I didn’t remember signing up for anything else other than that.

The customer service representative I spoke to told me that it was clearly listed on their website and in their advertisement that you are enrolled in this monthly credit monitoring program. I told them to cancel it and to refund me the $15 they charged me because I did not sign up for it. The customer service person told me they would cancel my subscription but that they could not refund me the money’s already charged. They said that was for the first month and I did not call in time to cancel – how was I supposed to call and cancel if I didn’t know that I was ready signed up for this thing?

But before they would even complete my cancellation of their program, they were intent on trying to make me stay on. They wanted to know why I was canceling and why their service was not working for me. After I told them that I did not want to be a part of their service over and over again, they put me on the phone with a supervisor whom I again tried to keep me on their monthly monitoring service. It was almost as if I was talking to a timeshare company and their sleazy salespeople do not want to believe without signing up for a timeshare you don’t need or want.

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Finally the supervisor agreed to cancel out my membership but they still refused to refund me the $15 I never agreed to pay in the first place that they charged me. So I hung up the phone and figured it was over at that. But I was wrong. My next months credit card bill I received another bill for $15 from the same folks at Now I was starting to get mad.  I had called to cancel program for their credit monitoring crap that I had never really knowingly signed up for in the first place and yet I was still getting billed for it.  So I called them up again and told the customer service representative that I had already previously canceled their credit monitoring agreement and that I wanted to make sure I was not getting any more bills and that I also needed to be refunded for this bill.

The customer service representative told now is in the system to be canceled and when I told them I wanted to be refunded the $15 that after I called to cancel they said they couldn’t do that because it was already billed.  I was irate and asked to speak to a supervisor.  They put me on hold for over 25 minutes before supervisor could come on the line.  Finally when I got speak to a supervisor I got the same runaround as last time and they would not refund me the amounts already billed, but they did have me in the system to be canceled.

I told them that I needed to be refunded for the $15 I just got billed.  I also want to be refunded for the first $15 that I was billed wrongly for because I never signed up or agreed knowingly to their monthly billing scam.  They refused to do this.  So I told the supervisor that I was going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and my state attorney general.  They never responded to the Better Business Bureau, but the state attorney’s office got them to stop the billing and to even refund all the initial payments.  So, at least I got all my money back.  What a hassle, though. is clearly a scam ripping off consumers that are largely unaware of the fact that there is nothing free in  If you fell for this scam like I did do yourself a favor and write a complaint to your state attorney general’s office.  Apparently, that is the only thing that works to stop their illegal and wrongful billing practices. is the biggest rip off I have ever seen!

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3 Responses to review – can you really get a free credit report or is it just another scam?

  1. Harry Peterson on July 28, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    Another great example of like the commercials, hate the product! I believe there are a few landmark lawsuits and related investigations going on with over their not really free offer and automatic enrollment in a credit monitoring service that isn’t exactly clear to respondents.

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  2. Rush_Credit on July 30, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    I have used the Free Credit and was able to get my report and called to cancel immediately. I did have similar questions. However, the staff on the call were understanding to me (which I was a bit surprised). Since that time, I go straight to the credit card companies themselves because you are allowed one free report from the agency per year. They do not give you your credit score though. They charge you if you want that.

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  3. G-Ma on September 21, 2010 at 10:55 AM

    I had a similar experience with being charged money for this service; however, I knew that they charged after the first 30 days but I canceled before that time limit and still got charged. I sent three e-mails and finally called when I saw they were trying to charge me for another month’s monitoring. The person I spoke with could barely speak English and when I asked if he was in a foreign country, he said YES! Reminded me of those new commercials on now for the Discover card where they show a guy who calls himself “Peggy” in some place that looks like Siberia doing customer service work for a credit card company. That’s exactly what this guy sounded like. And he kept trying to get me to keep my account opened. I told him NO NO NO about 10 times and finally said look, cancel the account now or I call my attorney. He said they would and I should receive an e-mail in 24 hours showing the cancellation. We’ll see.

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