Got old paint cans and paint laying around? Donate them to Habitat for Humanity.

Take your old paint cans and unused paint and donate it to your locale Habitat for Humanity Restore.

I bet you probably didn’t know this, but Habitat for Humanity takes donations of unused paint (paint cans from painting your interior or exterior walls that have left over paint in them). They then reuse this paint to paint walls in new homes. Its a win, win situation – you get rid of the old paint cans which take up space and dry out after a few years or go bad and a new owner gets walls in great colors for kids rooms, kitchens and more.

I didn’t know that Habitat for Humanity was collecting old, unused paint either, but a friend of mine whom rehabs old houses and buys HUD foreclosures and fixes them up and rents them out told me about it. He said he must drop off 20 cans of paint or more a week from the houses he does.

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He was told about it by one of his painters (Billy Redmond of Redmond Painting here in Charlotte NC – (704)258-3326). Its a great way to stay green and recycle or make good use of old house paint. Don’t let it sit around and collect dust in your garage. Old paint can also be dangerous, too.

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I’ve read of stories throughout the U.S. where fires were started by old paint becoming combustible from heat or something like that. That would be a horrible way to have a house fire and insurance can’t cover the personal items. Its better to just get rid of the old paint and not have it lying around.

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Just find your local Habitat for Humanity Rehab store (Restore) and take it there. They take all kinds of paint. And they will thank you for it and give you a receipt so your donation is even tax deductible! You can’t beat that. You get rid of all your old paint, save space, be green, be safer (old paint is combustible), get a tax deduction and help others all at the same time!

So, next time you find yourself with old, left over paint you will know what to do – donate it to Habitat for Humanity where you can be assured it will be put to good use.

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