Guida’s Pizzeria in Penfield New York Review – Amazing Pizza and Subs In Rochester NY That Everyone Must Try!

This past weekend I was in Penfield NY and was visiting my family for the holidays.  On night we were all looking for a place to eat nearby and were able to find a pizza joint called Guida’s.  I was iffy on the name and didn’t know what to expect.  I had a friend that had told me about the place and about a crazy sub called  “The “Original” Schwartzkoff”.

I had always wondered what the heck it was because I could never guess what in the world was on that sub.  When I looked at their menu I found out that it included  Ham, Chicken, Swiss, Mozzarella, Lettuce, Onion, Mayo, Sweet & Sour all melted on a roll.  Guida’s claims it to be  “The best sub ever created”, so I had to try it and see what it was like.

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When we got to Guida’s we had walked in the back door and walked up to the counter on the right. They had a wooden board loaded with tons of amazing food.  I had decided to order the Schwartzkoff and I was very excited when I saw it come to the table.

When it came to the table it was absolutely huge looking!  There was no way that I would be able to finish it, but I was totally wrong on that because I hate the whole thing.  It was absolutely amazing and I just wanted more and more of the sub.  Guida’s was right when they said it was the best sub ever created.

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The taste of the sweet and sour sauce was out of this world and made the sub come to life! It is one of those foods that is very hard to describe because it was just that good.  If you go to any of the Guida’s locations, I would highly recommend you order the Schwartzkoff sub!!

Some of my family got slices of pizza which were huge slices.  Each slice was the size of a quarter of a whole pizza and was absolutely delicious.  It was very thin just like New York style pizza should be which was awesome! It had the perfect amount of sauce and chees adding to the amazingness of the entire restaurant!

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If you are in the Rochester, NY area then please do yourself a favor and go to a Guida’s pizzeria to get some amazing food!  Whether its pizza or subs I would recommend it all to everyone that visits.  The service was very good and the staff was very friendly to us.  It was a little cold sitting near the front window but its upstate NY in the middle of winter.

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