Hardees charbroiled BBQ ranch turkey burgers review – these low fat, healthy burgers taste great!

Hardees charbroiled BBQ ranch turkey burgers review

You just have to try the new charbroiled turkey burgers from Hardees – they are amazing!

I had just left my business law class at UNCC (a very boring class I might add) and needed to get a quick lunch before my business communications class in the afternoon. So I took a right out of the UNCC student parking lot. When I passes the Harris Teeter grocery store I saw the Hardees restaurant and I hadn’t had Hardees burgers in years so I decided to get a burger there.

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When I drove up to the drive through menu the(there was no line and this was great (the McDonalds down the street always had long lines that took 20 minutes or more and their food sucks big time). I noticed that on the menu they had low fat and low calorie turkey burgers now. I recently started a diet when I started the p90X fitness program 3 weeks ago. I was already seeing big changes in my body and I didn’t want a really fatty burger and fries to ruin this.

The BBQ ranch turkey burger sounded really good so I got that with a large Powerade (blue raspberry flavor). The BBQ ranch turkey burger was moist and juicy. It was really tasty and great. I had previously had a turkey burger at a friends barbecue party and it was all dried out and terrible. But this turkey burger from Hardees was perfect. It was moist and tatsed great.

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I didn’t eat at the Hardees restaurant. Instead I ate in my car in the East student parking deck at UNCC – I only had 30 more minutes before my boring business communications class – today we were going to be listening to more student presentations and these were always super boring.

What I really like about the Hardees burgers is the way they wrap them. It looks so much nicer then the slop you get served at McDonalds or Burger King. They are easier to eat and keep from falling apart when they are wrapped the way Hardees does it. Their burgers are so much better looking and better tasting and they aren’t that much more expensive. For just a dollar or two more you can get a meal that is 100% better then anything you can get at McDonalds or Burger King.

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If you haven’t tried one of the new turkey burgers at Hardees then you need to. They really are that good and it is still fast food so you can get in, eat, and get out real fast and get on your way. Its an added plus that these turkey burgers are healthy, low fat and lower calorie then regular burgers. I highly recommend these charbroiled turkey burgers at Hardees. I have since tried them all and they are all great.

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