Horrible smell at Wal-Mart – I couldn’t believe people could go out in public smelling that bad!

Horrible smell at Walmart the stench sisters

I went to Walmart and was literally blown away by the horrible smell of two of their customers…

I have been to Wal-Mart thousands of times in my life and let me tell you this the experience I had today at Wal-Mart will forever remain in my memory. It was so disgusting. I took my kids down the cereal aisle and all of a sudden the smell of rotting flesh or a septic system that exploded came over me.

It just kept growing and getting worse and worse. The smell, or actually more likely stench, I found that was coming from these two ladies halfway down the aisle. They smelled so bad and so rancid it made me want to throw up right then and there. I took my kids and hightailed out of that aisle holding my breath the rest of the way. It was so bad that their stench flowed over into the adjacent aisles.

What you have to ask yourself is why or how can someone go out to a store in public reaking that terribly? These two ladies could not have had a bath or shower in months. That’s how bad it was. I have never smelled even a homeless person or a drunk person (I used to work as a volunteer for the local emergency room where we saw many homeless people over the years) that smelled this horribly.

As I went and did the rest of my shopping through Wal-Mart I did my best to avoid the stench sisters. I don’t know if they were sisters or not but obviously the two of them were shopping together and had their own carts but they followed each other through the store polluting the air as they went.

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You could tell everyone else was disgusted with their stench or smell also. Everywhere they went people gave them a very wide berth of like two aisles. Apparently people even complained to the management at the store as there were several Wal-Mart employees following far behind these two ladies. Maybe their job was to encourage these ladies to hurry up with their shopping and leave the store, but I’m sure they didn’t want to approach work anywhere as near these ladies also.

Their smell was so bad that when they left an aisle this stench and smell still permeated for quite some time. When I finally got to the front to check out, I noticed that there was a cashier was no line and guess why? They had the two ladies there checking out and I feel sorry for that Wal-Mart employee. I could hear them gag and cough regularly as they checked them out.

I bet you management had to promise that person an extra break for checking out those two ladies (the stench sisters). Everywhere those two ladies went people were fanning the air and commenting on a horrible smell. I just can’t understand how people can go out in public small and light that. Or how people can just let themselves get to that point.

Personal hygiene is important and if you can’t take a shower or bath everyday at least try and do it every other day – not once a year or so like these ladies – that is just pure disgusting. I told some friends about the stench sisters at Wal-Mart and they told me that’s par for course with customers of Wal-Mart. I guess you can truly say Wal-Mart does have it all including the stench sisters…

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