Horrible smell (stink) at Family Dollar!

I was at the local Family Dollar store on South Boulevard in Charlotte North Carolina and was perusing through the aisles when all of a sudden this horrible stink wafted by.  I can’t describe to you how horrible it was.  It was so bad that it made the sewage plants on a windy night smell good.  As I meandered down the isle looking at gardening supplies the smell seemed to get worse and worse.  I didn’t know what was coming from but it was about to make me throw up so either needed to hurry up and get out of the store or something.

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As I headed toward the cashier, the smell just about got to its worst and then this lady strolled by with a shopping cart and she had on a white T-shirt with yellowish and brown stains all around the armpits.  And when she walked by my God this stink was just something you can’t describe.  I don’t think this lady had bathed in months.  It was the most horrific stink I think I have ever been exposed to.  When I got to the cashier I told him they need to take some of those cheap perfumes they had their and sprayed them all over that person.

smell at family dollar horrible

If you see someone at Family Dollar wearing a t-shirt like this with yellow or brown arm pit stains run fast before the stench kills you!

The Family Dollar cashiers response was that this is typical normal.  Things like this happen all the time.  I’m sorry, but you couldn’t pay me enough to deal with that.  That is just disgusting. These cashiers are probably getting minimum wage and Family Dollar have to deal with crap like that.  If I had been out working there I would have had to walk out and leave as that is just disgusting.  That left such a bad memory for me that I have never since gone into the Family Dollar store and probably never will.

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2 Responses to Horrible smell (stink) at Family Dollar!

  1. Fred Roberts on May 14, 2010 at 10:38 PM

    I agree completely with you. The Family Dollar store near me has not only stinky customers but stinky employees too. I was there one day and was looking to buy some gardening stuff and I could not find any prices on the plastic pots that I was interested in. So I asked one of the Family Dollar employees and was almost bowled over by how bad their breath stunk and their body odor. This was definitely not a very clean or hygienic individual. They smelled so bad a bath in bleach would not be a bad idea – I have not been back there since that’s just disgusting. I have gone to the Dollar Store nearby and that smells mostly like burnt rubber.

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  2. Robert R. on May 21, 2010 at 3:24 AM

    I have gone to Family Dollar many times and found to be a pretty good value and have never had any problems like what you guys apparently have had with smelly or stinky customers. Once I found some canned food to be old and not edible. So I return them to Family Dollar and got my money back. Their products are pretty good, their employees are friendly and I have never had a problem with them and will continue to do business there.

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