Hot automotive consumer complaints and reviews from our readers and contributors!

Hot automotive consumer complaints and reviews

Here are some of our hottest automotive consumer complaints and reviews – you just have to read these!

Here are some of the hottest automotive consumer complaints and reviews that we’ve received in the last few months here on – your best and most trusted free online resource for consumer complaints and reviews!

1. Town and Country Ford ripoff in Charlotte NC. After reading this complaint I would probably go elsewhere if I could, and I would probably also make sure I did my homework before going into any car dealer so I knew what my trade in was worth. This is vitally important because otherwise you could get ripped off big time by the used car manager at almost any car dealership. Always do two things before you purchase a car – print out the invoice and look up your trade-in value (or look up the Edmunds used car value if you are looking at used vehicles).

2. Crown Honda Charlotte NC complaint – according to this complaint it appears that Crown Honda and their sales staff must still be living in the 70s were terrible and antiquated sales procedures reigned. Nowadays you cannot or should not as a car dealer allow such terrible treatment of your customers to exist. This complaint has probably made them think twice about their current staff if this is really going on because I’m sure it has cost them quite a few sales by now to say the least.

3. Hendrick Honda Charlotte NC complaint – apparently the competing Honda store to Crown Honda has some serious issues with its sales staff and employees also. What are these car dealers going to get the hint that you can no longer provide terrible customer service and only be interested in your bottom-line profits?

4. Brickell Honda of Miami FL complaint – Three on the car dealerships in a row, but according to the complainant this one takes the cake. He does have to read this complaint and judge for yourself.

5. MyHeadlight headlight repair complaint – after reading this consumer’s complaint I did a little researching on the Internet and found it to be completely true that this company Crystal View Chemicals with websites MyHeadlight, Myheadlights, etc… to have a “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are numerous complaints that they do not honor their product guarantee nor do they ever return e-mails or complaint letters. That right there should be a good indication that this is most likely a scam.

6. Jiffy Lube overcharging and bait and switch scam – I have never really had much to say or think about Jiffy Lube ever since I saw a news special where they proved extremely shady and even illegal practices were going on at numerous Jiffy Lube oil change franchises in the United States. All one has to do is look on the Internet and you’ll see there are thousands and thousands of complaints about unfair or deceptive business practices, overcharging, date and switch scams and more at numerous Jiffy Lube’s from coast-to-coast. I won’t go to Jiffy Lube just for this reason alone.

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7. Monroe Muffler Brake complaint – there are a lot of complaints that deal with franchised automotive service places. Not as many as there are to do with franchised new car dealership service centers, but quite a few still. Monro muffler is one of the most popular franchised car repair businesses to have complaints posted on the Internet. Be sure and search through the posts here on to make sure that you are going to an honest and ethical business and that you avoid the scammy and corrupt or unethical ones.

8. Car Max used car complaint – there’s quite a few people out there that have complaints over having bought bad cars through Car Max, but not to single out car Max I’ve seen a lot of similar complaints on just about any used car dealer out there. It’s an inherent problem with used cars that if a company sells them they’re bound to have some lemons and unfortunately those lemons come back to bite you in the way of a serious consumer complaint like this one here. Now unfortunately sometimes used cars are not given a thorough inspection or the proper repair work prior to reselling them. You have to read this complaint and judge for yourself.

9. Uhaul truck rental complaint – this one is not anything really new. We all know, probably from personal experience unfortunately, that Uhaul truck rental is definitely not known for having the best looking or in shape truck rental fleet in America. I rented one once and it broke down on me in Kentucky in the middle of the mountains. That was a horrible experience, but I also had a Budget truck that I rented here in Charlotte North Carolina breakdown on me also.

10. Turtle wax headlight cleaner complaint – Basically, the brand Turtle Wax to me signifies cheap and marginally effective at best – I mean if you look up the history of Turtle Wax, the founder actually mixed some household products in his bath tub to create it – that does not envision quality to me. This person’s complaint was actually responded to by Col. wax or some reputation company working for Turtle Wax (that’s what I think it is). They claim if you call some 800 number they’ll help you to figure out how to use their product. If you look at the responses it doesn’t look like that is the case here and instead looks like they have another low-quality, marginally effective at best, shoddy product for sale again…

11. Photoblocker license plate spray scam – PhotoBlocker has been around for years trying to sell their highly over priced clearcoat spray paint for $30 a can claiming it can make your license plate invisible photo cameras that police used to give tickets with. Police have known about this for years and myth busters on their show proved that photoBlocker does not work in the slightest bit. So I definitely would not risk an expensive ticket on this overpriced canon of clearcoat spray paint.

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