How to conquer a level 10 npc in Evony solo

By FatManSlim

If you want to get really good at the game of Evony and conquer that level 10 npc solo then you NEED to read this!

I have had thousands of pinks (whispers) and emails from people wondering everything from how I made it from a newbie to a master of Evony in only 2 months without coining to how to properly conquer a level 10 npc. There is all sorts of information out there and much of it is bad or wrong. There are proper ways to do things and lots of improper ways. In the game of Evany you will see all kinds of people.

Those that cheat and coin heavily (buy all sorts of speed ups and other things to get big faster and some spend literally thousands of dollars doing this (like the guys in the Zoo alliance and some others in Broadsword) – which I think is literally ridiculous and a complete waste of their money – no game is worth that). This is why I heavily advise people do things in the proper fashion and do them correctly.

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If you cannot take a level 10 npc city by yourself then you have no business conquering one. Yes, you may have some friends that will send over some troops or send a breaking wave for you or some loyalty waves, but they’re not doing you any favors. The breaking wave gets the brunt of experience points for your hero or heroes.

If you let another player do this for you they get that benefit and you don’t. Yes conquering your level 10 NPC for your queen is a quest and a requirement in the Evony game. but I see so many people conquering level 10s to get their queens with other people’s help and then they want to go and conquer level 12 and 14 HCs (Historic Cities). you need to learn from making mistakes and from trial and error as to what works and what doesn’t and what your comfortable with and what works best for you.

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There is no one best solution. There are several. First of all I suggest that you build up the number of cities that you have or are allotted by collecting and farming for medals. Many people go for their level 10 NPC as a knight with only two cities. I waited until I had five cities before I went after my first level 10 npc. I conquered my first level 8 npc solo and I did my level 10 the same way.

I loaded up each of my cities with heroes and had a level 9 or 10 rally point in each city. When it came time for me to conquer the level 8 or 10 npc I had plenty of troops ready (400k warriors and 400k archers). I also had 20k ballistas and about 300 battering rams and catapults. See, I wanted to be in a position Wright did not have to rely on anyone else to break the walls for me, do loyalty waves or have to protect me and send troops in case I was attacked because I was weak and due to taking on the level 10 npc when I wasn’t really ready.

And you can also take the same ideas to take on the nearby historic cities nearby. On a level 8 npc most people recommend using all warriors and that’s fine. words are the quickest and easiest to rebuild or train. On a level 10 npc, however, you’re initial breaking wave should consist of 1k-2k workers, 1k-2k warriors, 1k-2k scouts and the rest archers with your most powerful hero for minimum losses and maximum impact.

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If you have decent heroes and it least one with a 200+ attack then you will wipe out all the wall defenses on your breaking wave. Then follow this wave closely behind in very short intervals with loyalty waves. 10k warriors and 10k archers is sufficient. Keep these ways close together and you can even use camp time to make sure they hit within seconds of each other to quickly bring down the loyalty of the NPC city.

With 4 or 5 cities surrounding the level 10 npc city loaded with decent heroes (100+ attack) you will easily take the level 10 npc and with minimal losses. To reduce the losses of your archers use the higher end of the ranges I posted above for warriors, workers and scouts. Also be sure and create the level 10 npc he will be conquering.

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