How to file a complaint on the number one, most trusted consumer complaints website –!

How to file a complaint on the best consumer complaints website

Want to file a complaint and get even? Here’s how to get maximum impact and redress!

Did a local business do you wrong? Did you order something on eBay and not get it or get the wrong item? Have you been ripped off and you want revenge or satisfaction? If any of these things are similar as happened to you then you need to file a complaint on the most trusted and authoratative consumer complaints website on the Internet –!

Yes, there are other consumer complaints websites out there and some are larger, but none have any where’s near the impact or searcngine rankings and placement that has. ReportYourComplaint has real comments from editors and writers of such sources as the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, the Charlotte Observer and numerous other newspaper and other well truste news sources.

No other consumer complaints website has this much impact or power on the Internet. So by filing a complaint anywhere else you are wasting your time and energy. We get fast and quick results from companies both large and small. We get hundreds of comments and e-mails each and every single day from companies that have literally been brought to their knees by complaints and negative reviews on this website.

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So now once you’ve been sold on the fact that there is no better avenue to get redress for your consumer complaint, how do you go about filing a complaint to receive maximum impact? First of all, stick to the facts. Don’t resort to name-calling or making up stuff. If you want to do that be sure and use some of the other consumer websites as they are full of false posts and reviews – that is why their trust factor is in the dirt and no one from the Wall Street Journal or the Boston Globe ever reviews or considers reviewing any of the material on their websites.

For clear evidence of this just search any of a number of analytical websites for current traffic patterns of specific consumer complaints websites. You will see a general downtrend in those with very low quality and even questionable posts and reviews. One of these low-quality websites is even a named defendant in numerous lawsuits in which they are even wishing to get RICO laws included (serious federal organized crime laws that can result in 25 year sentences easily). I wouldn’t even want to associate myself with a website like that.

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Now to file a complaint here you just have to click on the file a complaint button on the upper right corner of any page of our website. It’s right there on the top right sidebar – you can’t miss it. This will take you to the consumer complaint submission page. Then it’s as simple as reading the page, which even has a sample review or post on there for you to look at, and then entering in your complaint information or review if it’s more of a review that you are interested in doing (we also host reviews both negative and positive here on

Be sure and stick to the facts like I said earlier. And don’t make up anything. False reviews and complaints will not be posted here on All posts (complaints, reviews and compliments) will be reviewed before they are posted – this process removes any spam and obviously false reports. This process results in a much higher trust factor rating for every posted complaint and review and this is why complaints and reviews our website get far more impact than any other consumer complaints website out there.

So be sure and check out the complaints are reviews posted by others here on and then when you’re ready to file a complaint be sure and visit our consumer complaint entry form.

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