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It’s happened to all of us.  We’ve all had bad experiences with companies, websites and products.  It doesn’t matter where you live or what income bracket you’re in.  We’ve all had horrible experiences and the only true way to get back at these companies is to voice your complaint and your concerns.  Now you can’t do that very effectively with the company itself as most people have learned by now customer service departments are more and more being off-shored and outsourced  to countries where they barely speak English and you can be more frustrating than the initial complaint sometimes to try and handle these matters through the company’s customer service department.

Instead it’s better to put your complaint in writing and put it on the Internet so that everyone can see it.  Not only will the company see it, but also millions of people worldwide will also see it.  And there is no better place to post your complaints that will give you more impact than!  That’s a proven fact!  Our posts, complaints, reviews and more always outrank all the other consumer reporting and similar websites. 

By posting your complaints for free on you will not only be giving yourself the best chance to have your complaint rectified by the company that caused you the grief and strife you’ve gone through, but you also help others to avoid making bad or hasty decisions on what companies to do business with or what products to purchase.  I can’t tell you how many people have commented, written to us, e-mailed us and more to thank us for saving them money and saving them from  making a bad decision.

One great example of this are the two complaints are readers and contributors have posted on 5 Star Shine.  The responses we get from this one are through the roof from people that are so thankful that these complaints saved them from buying the way over priced car wax and finish they sell on their website.  It is the overwhelming opinion of our readers that you would be much better off buying a $3-$5 bottle of car wax or car polish at your local Wal-Mart. 

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But see, without your complaints people can’t learn from one another.  This website is free to use and helps our contributors and readers to expose scams and bad products (like 5 star shine and headlight restoration) as well as to bring attention to companies that far exceed our expectations and great products that we can do without (like the NuWave oven and the Air Hogs radio controlled helicopters). 

This is how we all learn what is good and learn to decipher it from what is bad out there.  There is a lot of bad out there and we all need trustful advice to help us weed through it.  Now we do have certain requirements here and you can see that by looking at the complaints, reviews and more on that we only post quality and unique content and complaints.  So if you’ve posted your complaint on another website do not post the same complaint here will never put it up.  All submissions first get checked through Copyscape to make sure they are unique and not copies of someone else’s work.

We also do not post complains that tear into individuals as many of these are highly one-sided and can be a result of a family dispute or similar situation and this is not the correct place to air your grievances in that way.  Yes, we do get a lot of submissions like that but we do not post them here and I don’t believe that anyone should be posting those things on the Internet like that.  You might regret that one day.  Instead we want your honest opinions, complaints, reviews and more. 

Basically look at it this way.  Think of yourself as our readers and put yourself in their shoes.  If you think you have something to say that would benefit them then please submit it and will quickly review it and post it up on the site for all to see.  To post a complaint, review, business or product compliment or anything else visit our report complaint page.

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  1. ldjlht on October 18, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    I would like to write a complaint about being mistreated by aliens.

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