I was sold a Chinese bootleg of Rosetta Stone Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3 at the Concord Mills Mall!

Don't get your Rosetta Stone package at the Concord Mills Mall kiosk – she ripped me off and sold me a bootlegged copy!

I was at the Concord Mills Mall here in Concord, North Carolina near the NASCAR speedway. I and my wife were doing some shopping and meandering around the mall when we came upon this kiosk in the middle of the mall for the Rosetta Stone foreign language learning DVDs. I want to talk to this lady that was there for a few minutes about the program and what she thought about it.

She saw that I was a serious buyer (probably due to the expensive name brand bags my wife was carrying from her expensive shopping spree) and after a while she told me that she could make me a great deal if I was going to pay cash. I thought that was a little bit strange but being it was the Rosetta Stone kiosk and she had plenty of the Rosetta Stone language DVD sets around it seemed to be genuine.

So she told me that for $100 she would give me the introductory Spanish Kit which normally sells for about three times that. Instead of giving me one of the kits she had on display she unlocked a cabinet door on the kiosk and reached deep inside to pull one out. It appeared on the surface to look the same as the others so I gave her the cash and we went on our way.

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When I got home I opened up the DVD case and put one of the DVDs in our DVD player. It was then that I noticed that the case it came in had quite a few misspellings on it. Regular words were misspelled. Then I went and played one of the DVDs and it had a grainy look to it. It was then that I knew that this was not a copy from the real Rosetta Stone. this was a bootleg copy that was probably manufactured in China and then smuggled into the US.

I looked it up on the Internet and you can buy these bootleg copies of the Rosetta Stone from China for $20 or less depending upon the quantity you purchase and that even includes shipping and handling. I didn’t want a bootlegged copy. I wanted the real thing and I didn’t want something with a poor quality, highly grainy image.

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So the next day I packaged the thing back up and took it back to the Concord Mills Mall to return it and get my money back. When I went and saw the lady at the Rosetta Stone kiosk she denied having ever seen me and then asked to see my receipt. I told her she never gave me a receipt and sold it to me for cash. She said she does science people up for free offers and doesn’t sell the actual Rosetta Stone kits.

Even my wife told her what she did and this lady told both my wife and I that we were liars. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had gotten ripped off by someone working for Rosetta Stone in my local mall. I told that lady they weren’t going to hear the end of this – I was going to take it either to the local Better Business Bureau or post it on the Internet like I am right now so everyone in the world and especially everyone that goes to the Concord Mills Mall knows the truth of what happened and how I was ripped off and sold a bootleg copy illegally.

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My piece of advice here is do not do business with this kiosk in the Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC for the Rosetta Stone. And as with anything else be sure and get a receipt and if it sounds the slightest bit shady then it probably is. I also contacted Rosetta Stone and was told that they could not help me without a receipt. I refused to pay any more money and so I got a free copy from a friend of mine whom downloaded Rosetta Stone off the internet.

I was willing to pay for a legal and correct copy of the Rosetta Stone Spanish levels 1, 2 and 3. Instead I got ripped off and lied to by someone appearing to work for or on behalf of Rosetta Stone. Then to top it off I got treated like an idiot by their customer service at Rosetta Stone. So right back at you. Now the world knows not to deal with that lady at the kiosk in the mall. The world knows that customer service at the Rosetta Stone is far from adequate. And I still saved a good bit on getting the actual Rosetta Stone language learning software package that I wanted – besides my friend gave me all the levels which I believe costs near $1000 from Rosetta Stone.

So in the end I actually made out pretty good. Rosetta Stone lost a customer in me and many, many more as my story and warning to others will now get passed around the internet indefinitely and be seen by millions.

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One Response to I was sold a Chinese bootleg of Rosetta Stone Spanish levels 1, 2, and 3 at the Concord Mills Mall!

  1. Gil on February 24, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    Sorry about your bad experience. In reality, if it looks too good to be true, then it is. I never buy anything anymore from kiosks, flea markets, etc. More often than not, the merchandise is shoddy, poor quality and overall junk. I would rather pay more and buy directly from a trusted source. You also have to be very careful on Ebay and Amazon as well. I will say I have not had any bad experiences with either, but all it takes is one bad seller.

    At least you were out $100 and not more. additionally, it’s probably a good idea that you did not give these people your credit card info. Who knows what they would have done.

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