If you live in North Carolina and like marijuana sign your name on the NC medical marijuana petition!

Get involved and sign the petition for medical marijuana here in North Carolina!

If you smoke marijuana (or partake in it in any other form – eating it, vaping, etc…) and live in North carolina then you need to sign this petition for medical marijuana here in our great state. Already over 16 other states from Michigan to Maine and California have approved marijuana for medical purposes. There are diseases and conditions for which there is no better drug.

Patients with serious diseases and pain need to have a choice. Marijuana is far more helpful and healthy then prescription drugs. Marijuana has also been proven in numerous experiments to reduce cancer growths and levels of free radicals (which cause aging and aging related diseases).

Patients and NC residents should have the right to medical marijuana if their doctor will prescribe it. You can fill out the petition here: NC medical marijuana petition

There are already over 7,600 names on this petition and they need 10,000. We are almost there! Do your part and contribute to this petition so we can get this much needed bill passed for medical marijuana here in NC.
Again the link to the petition is NC medical marijuana petition

For more information on the petition and medical marijuana in NC see these pages:

1. http://ncmedicalcannabis.org/default.aspx

2. http://www.mpp.org/states/north-carolina/

If you wish to get more involved please visit http://www.mpp.org/takeaction/

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