IGuGu internet TV review – this thing works great for playing downloaded movies and TV shows!

IGuGu internet TV review

I bought a iGuGu internet TV system off Amazon for $100 and I love it – no more spending hours burning dvds for downloaded movie torrents!

I saw an advertisement in a computer magazine that I read (PCWorld) about internet TV.  I have heard a lot about the possibilities of internet TV and that in a few years cable will be outdated and replaced by internet TV.    So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get the latest IGuGu internet TV and try it on my TV.

The IGuGu was on sale for $100 with free shipping on Amazon.com.  That seemed like a pretty good deal. It took about 4 weeks to get it, though, and that was little ridiculously long for something bought off Amazon.com (I buy a lot of stuff off Amazon and lately I have noticed everything seems to ship really slow regardless of the seller).

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It was easy to setup the IGuGu – you just plug it in to your computer and then plug in the wireless adapter to your TV. Then you are set to go. I like the fact that I can play all of my downloaded content straight from my PC to my TV without having to hook up my computer directly to my TV (they are in separate rooms and that would mean ugly wires everywhere and my wife definitely wouldn’t allow that).

I use the PureVPN Virtual private network to download all sorts of movie and TV show torrents – it is great, but I always found I had to spend hours burning them to dvds. But now with the iGuGu internet TV I can send them straight from my PC to the TV – no burning required. As soon as a movie is downloaded it is ready to watch.

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TV shows, movies, documentaries, you name it – this thing is great. The only drawback is that there is no live news feed like with cable TV. I was hoping that I could get rid of my cable TV, but this iGuGu internet TV is not yet a replacement. Maybe in the next few years it or a similar product will be. But for right now it works great as is for watching downloaded content.

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With my VPN I can download anything I want for free with no worries of getting caught – ever! And with the iGuGu internet TV I can then immediately go and watch it from my 50 inch flat screen TV where it looks awesome. The only other drawback I have is that I can only watch it on that one TV. To watch it on a different one I would have to move the wireless adapter and hook it up to a different TV.

Still, I love the fact that I no longer need to spend hours burning dvds. I just download and then send the movie, TV show, documentary, etc. to my TV and watch it. iGuGu is awesome and makes my life so much simpler. I highly recommend it and be sure and use a VPN like PureVPN if you are going to download movies or TV shows so you don’t get caught.

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