J Pasta’s Pizzeria Complaint – Horrible Customer Service, Rude Owner, and Horrible Experience!

Are you one of those people that likes to have family get-togethers, but hate all the clean-up afterwards?  I know the clean-up is my least favorite part about these get-togethers, so I usually call in an order to the pizza place.  My family and I recently had one of these get-togethers just last night so that we could carve pumpkins.  We had already eaten lunch and gotten the kitchen all messy so we decided that we should order out so that we didn’t have any clean-up and we could go right to pumpkin carving!

We live in Charlotte,NC and there are a lot of pizza places around us.  I think we counted up a total of 7 pizza shops in like a 20min. radius of our apartment.  Considering there are so many, it is always a hard decision to make when choosing where to get our pizza from.  There are a few that we have never been too, and we didn’t know whether we would like them or not so we decided against them to ensure that we had a great night with great pizza and great family fun.  After discussing which place to go to we ended up deciding on this pizza place that we just discovered last week called J Pasta’s Pizza.  My boyfriend and I had been there twice already and we had such great experiences both times, so we recommended it for last night. 

It turned out that my boyfriend’s parents had bought a bunch of gift certificates from the website restaurant.com for J Pasta’s.  The gift certificates were for spend $25 get $10 off of your order, so we figured we could get enough pizza and garlic bread for all of us.  But it turned out when my boyfriend tried to call the order in, the girl who picked up was very rude and when he had said that he had a coupon all she said was “Oh, we don’t take those on the weekends”, and just hung up on him. 

He came and told us what had happened on the phone and his mother wanted to call and see if they did the same thing to her.  Turns out a man (the owner) answered the phone when she called and she had told him she had a restaurant.com gift certificate, and he tried to get her to order 2, 18” pizzas instead of 2, 16” pizzas.  She told him that, that would be too much food for who was going to be eating.  He then said “Ok, go ahead with your order then.”  So she went ahead with our order and once she finished he gave her the total and said that it would be 20mins or so.  We live right down the road so we didn’t have to leave right away.

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Once we got to J Pasta’s, I went in with my boyfriend’s mother to pick up our pizza.  As soon as we walked in the door every person who was working came up to the register and just swarmed us.  It felt like they were waiting for us to get there, and they knew that we were the ones with the “coupon” as they called it, but it was really considered a gift certificate.  As soon as the owner saw the “coupon” he said “Mam we’re not accepting those coupons anymore.”  She then stated “Well I talked to you on the phone and you didn’t say anything about not being able to use it tonight.”  He tried to say that she didn’t tell him that and I was glad that I was there to support her and prove him wrong!  The other problem was that there was a girl there who knew that we had told him about that gift certificate and she couldn’t say anything because she would probably get penalized for it later I’m sure.  I swear he was yelling loud enough for the people sitting outside to hear him. 

After he was rude and said that they weren’t accepting them tonight, he then stated that they don’t accept them on the weekends anymore because “People use him for the $10 and that was making him angry, so he’s no longer having anything for his Pizza shop on Restaurants.com anymore.”  At this point we were both so angry that we were ready to leave the food that we had ordered there and go somewhere else.  He ended up allowing us to use the coupon after arguing with us and making himself look like an ass.  We told him that we would not be coming back, and we left, we could not believe how rude he was too us.

Seeing that he was the owner, you would think that he would be the one that was trying to calm the customer down, not make the customer more angry by arguing with them and trying to prove that he was the one that was right.  Well, he must have never heard the saying “The customer is always right!”  After leaving that place we were so angry, and made it known that we will never go back to J Pasta’s again!  If you want to be respected and have a good pizza experience in Charlotte, NC you too will stay far away from J Pasta’s pizza shop!

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