Jiffy Lube – unfair and deceptive business practices as they overcharge and bait and switch!

jiffy lube scam and complaints

Jiffy Lube – don't go there unless you want to get ripped off big time!

I went to Jiffy Lube recently and unfortunately was charged far more than I bargained for. I went in to get the basic oil change and had a coupon so it should have only been around $15. When they finally came to me with the bill it was $113 and some change. I said, “what is all this?” They answered that included the signature service oil change and a new air filter. I told them that you never told me about this and I never signed for or okayed this. They said the work was performed and that I had to pay for it. I said now I’ve got a coupon here and what I specifically asked for is supposed to be $15 or so plus tax.

I never agreed to anything that could come close to $100. They said that my air filter was clogged and really bad and needed replacing.  I asked if I could see the supposedly dirty air filter. Their reply was that it was already thrown away and buried in the trash. Really… the car’s air filter was change probably about 6,000 miles ago. Plus, one I had changed it I put in a K&N air filter which you just take out and clean and put back in. I demanded to have my air filter back because it never needed to be replaced. Are these guys were complete morons and idiots or they were thieves from hell! In either case I caught them in their scam.

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They needed me to sign the bill that I agreed to their ridiculous pricing and charges. I refused to sign and agree to anything that I didn’t agree to the first-place. They said that a fight inside they would have to call the police on me and charge me with theft of services – yeah right. What vermin! So I said go ahead and call the police. You are the easiest that wrongfully did services I did not agree to and on top of that you throughout my Canon air filter which cost me 60 bucks and last forever as long take it out periodically and clean it.

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At that the manager grimaced for a bit and then he said, “here’s what I’ll do, I’ll cut $20 from your bill and we will part ways at that. So you’re total is $93. Now pay it and get out of here.”  I said no.  There’s no way am I pay you for services I didn’t ask for that’s your own fault and problem.  Plus I wanted my K&N filter back.  I never ask their moronic staff to change or even check my air filter.  At least at Wal-Mart they ask before performing any services.

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I was now there for over three hours.  This was absolutely ridiculous.  So I did them a favor and I called the police on my cell phone.  When the police showed up I greeted them first and while I was telling the police what was going on the staff at Jiffy Lube apparently want to the side of the building and had a little meeting.  Probably so they could all be on the same page with their scam.  The policeman and his female partner went over to talk to the manager from Jiffy Lube for about five minutes.

Then he came back with my keys and said I was free to go and that I didn’t have to pay anything.  He also said that I was not welcome back there anymore though in the future – and if I did come back the Jiffy Lube had the right to process me and charge me with trespassing and I would be arrested.  I told please don’t worry I will never, ever go to a Jiffy Lube anywhere for the rest of my life after the horrible treatment I received here!

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