Kickasstorrents torrent download website review – one of my favorite places to get movie torrents, books, documentaries and more!

kickasstorrents torrent download website reviews

If you want a great movie torrent website then look no further than – a great torrent resource you will love!

If you’re looking for torrent websites for downloading then you don’t want to pass up (just be sure you have a VPN).  They tend to have a better selection of available and actively seeded torrents then even The Pirate Bay.  They are definitely one of my favorite torrent download websites for locating fully functional movie torrents, hard-to-find documentary and book, magazine torrents and more.

When downloading towards one thing you will come up against time and time again is movie torrents that either do not have a working soundtrack (so basically you don’t have any sound with the movie like a lot of torrents of the new movie The Expendables are) and this can waste a lot of time.  To rule this out or other torrent problems you have to watch part of the clip before you burn it to a DVD with upper RAM like Nero Disc Copy.

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If you don’t do this then you could end up with a DVD with two movies that work and two that don’t.  That I find annoying.  Generally speaking, I have found a much higher percentage of working and fully functional movie torrents on Kickasstorrents.  There may not be the selection as there is on The Pirate Bay, but you also don’t have to worry about viruses, malware and Trojan Horses as much as you do on the lead illegal torrent download site (The Pirate Bay).

I like that about Kickasstorrents.  You see, on The Pirate Bay, probably somewhere between one third and one half of all torrents have some sort of virus or malware attached.  The usual nowadays is that hackers and fraudsters will try and gain access to your computer through this to try and get some personal information like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and more to either access your bank accounts and drain them or to open up new loans and credit in your name – both of these are very bad.

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On the biggest torrent download sites this is the norm and very rampant.  But on smaller sites like Kickasstorrents,, etc…  you don’t have these problems as much.  I rarely ever find viruses and malware on torrents from Kickasstorrents.  Another nice feature is that people were more willing to give you a high speed download here.  Many sites people limit their bandwidth to as small as possible.  This can make downloads take for ever.

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You know what it’s like when you start downloading a movie torrent you want to watch like the Hurtlocker, Toy Story 3, District 9, 2012, The Green Zone or Star Trek (to name a few) and it says could take 25 weeks to downlaod next to it or even worse infinity.  Yes I have seen that Google or infinity symbol which basically means you may never complete this torrent download.  That sucks.  Most of the time on Kickasstorrents I can find good people to download from with high bandwidths so I end up getting the torrent download completed in a matter of minutes.

The only thing I think they could change on Kickasstorrents is the search functions and maybe adding some more pages that make it easier to figure out what it is you’re looking for like a movie, book, etc…  other than that it is definitely one of my favorite torrent download websites.  Happy downloading and remember, nowadays, to keep the download police and copyright infringement attorneys away you need to be using a VPN!

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2 Responses to Kickasstorrents torrent download website review – one of my favorite places to get movie torrents, books, documentaries and more!

  1. Sal on October 21, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    Kickass troorents is good. Have you tried Sumo Torrents? Or Those are also great torrent sites.

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  2. TY BUILDER& DESGN DRAWING on August 8, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    i want to download free movie from your torrent site pleas help and im new need sm1 to drive me around

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