Kids Black & Decker toolbench review – a great toy that has lasted through several kids and they all loved it!

Black & Decker kids toolbench review

The Black & Decker kids toolbench is definitely my favorite toy that I have bought for my sons.

There are great toys and great ideas and sometimes both of these merge to create a phenomenal toy tat can last generations. The Black & Decker kids toolbench is definitely one of these phenomenal toy’s. It is not a new idea as workbenches and tool benches for kids have been around for years and years, but the idea of making a tool bench with all the sounds and features of a real toolbanch is what really makes this toy great.

I have bought lots of tools for my songs over the years and believe me boys between the ages of two and five can be very rough with toys. That is probably an understatement they probably break nine out of every 10 toys that they have. From ripping off the legs and heads of superhero action figures like Superman and Supergirl to wrestling figures like John Ceno and Sting to remote control cars with broken engines and missing wheels to who knows what.

My own real workbench or tool bench is covered with toys that need various repairs. But through it all only a few toys have survived all of the boys. One of those is definitely the Black & Decker kids tool bench. Sometimes I have to go and find the different parts to it because the kids will take one part like the LED lamp light and carry it around the house to do something else with and then leave it there and forget about it.

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So I’ll have to go and take it or find it and then put it back where it belongs on the Black & Decker workbench. The workbench keeps the kids busy especially on Saturdays and more than one of them can actually use it at a time – albeit they do fight every once in a while over who can use which part of it – especially the saw. The kids all like the saw and the noise it makes. You just pull it down and it automatically spins it sounds like a real table saw.

The kid’s Black & Decker tool bench also came with some plastic fake wood pieces that are held together with Velcro that break apart when they saw what the kids table saw and other parts. That’s a pretty neat feature because it makes them think that they’re actually sawing through the wood like they’ve seen daddy do with his real table saw on the back patio.

The kid’s Black & Decker tool bench is just a superior way that every household with young boys needs to have. It’s just neat for a dad to see their kids walking around with the kids tool belt and the wood pieces and tools from the Black & Decker tool bench and how they’re trying to mimic or imitate their Dad. That’s just a really neat experience and makes you feel good as a father.

This is definitely my favorite toy that I bought for my children.

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One Response to Kids Black & Decker toolbench review – a great toy that has lasted through several kids and they all loved it!

  1. Bert on November 7, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    That’s great, but so is a sandbox or a paper airplane. The toy doesn’t really matter, what really matters is parents spending quality time with their kids.

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