Koofers.com – a review of a college resource loaded with professor reviews, past exams, study guides and more!

Koofers college course resource

Koofers is a great college resource that you won't want to miss!

If you’re in college and have been there for more than one semester then you’ve probably had your share of bad or arduous professors. We’ve all heard of or seen classes where we worked hard and got a B or a C, when our friends had a easier professor and got an A with less homework. Well wouldn’t it help to know who are the best professors or if you want to know – who gives the easiest grades?

Maybe you want to know at a time if a class requires a final exam or how many papers will be assigned in a psychology or writing emphasis course. Maybe one a see some examples of past exams in what might you be on your tests. All this and more is written there on Koofers.com. You just have to register and choose a username and password and then login.

If you use study cards they are available on the site for many classes. If you’d prefer to use a study guide, some notes from a student that got an A in the course, or browse through past exams in class grade distributions it’s all right there in your user panel. One of the best features I’ve found is the class grade distributions. No, I’m not looking for an easy grade or to get a grade I don’t deserve, on the other hand am looking to make sure I have fair professors.

I’m a sophomore at Virginia Tech and have already had enough bad and completely unfair and even biased professors that I’m on the lookout to try and avoid any more bad professors. Since I started using the online class grade distributions at Koofers.com I can say I’ve only had one iffy professor and that was this lady that was an absolute crackhead.

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I have found Koofers.com to be a really good resource for the most part. For some newer professors sometimes there is no information. That’s how I ended up with the one iffy professor since I’ve used Koofers.com.  I found it to be a pretty easy-to-use resource for college students and they now let you login through your Facebook account which makes it even simpler to use. 

Now apparently, Koofers.com, is still in its infancy stage and so a lot of colleges may only have a few professors rated and may not even have a class grade distributions, but it’s still a great resource because you can find past exams and study guides from other similar colleges which are bound to be very helpful.  You can also make them print out a color-coded class schedule so you can keep track of the times you have classes and you can prioritize different events and things that you would like to do.

Overall I have found Koofers.com to be a pretty good resource for college and recommend that you check it out and remember its 100% free!

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4 Responses to Koofers.com – a review of a college resource loaded with professor reviews, past exams, study guides and more!

  1. Kenneth on July 27, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    I still prefer Ratemyprofessor.com.

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  2. Mandy on September 17, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    Koofers sucks. I use Ratemyprofessor.com There is so much more on there. More ratings means better decisions on what professors to take.

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  3. skvyzgjx on October 20, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Koofers.com sucks. I prefer RateMyProfessor.com. Much better reviews, more colleges and classes. Better coverage and more info definitely makes the difference. Also, RateMyProfessor is easier to use and you don’t have to have a Facebook account like you do with Koofers.com.

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  4. JackK on February 9, 2011 at 4:03 PM

    You’re a sophomore at Virginia Tech and you write like this? How did you even get into VT with such piss-poor grammar and spelling?

    Newsflash, genius: You aren’t getting F’s because your professors are biased. You’re getting them because you’re clearly an idiot.

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