Lab Corp – a review of a complete scam!

Lab corp fraud scam review

When you see the name LabCorp run!

If you have had medical tests done in the last several years you’ve probably run into a company called Lab Corp. Well, if you have insurance you would be fine most likely – but I guess now is that all depends on the levels of your insurance and what they do not cover and you have to remind yourself that not all insurance policies are the same. With this recession (some actually refer to it as a depression) that we are in now many employers are cutting back on insurance coverage – so this will still be very important for just about everybody to read.

Lab Corp. is a company specializes in different medical tests and laboratory procedures. The problem is that they are 100% into making huge profits. They don’t care about much else. Just go and compare their prices for any routine service or laboratory tests to other local companies and you will see a huge difference. Lab Corp. tends to be the highest price by a margin or markup of usually 200% to 300% or more.

Not only that, but many times they will charge for services that were even rendered. This is easy to spot as all you have to do is look at the bill that lists the test procedures and they always list them in codes, but ask for the results for each and every single one of those codes and inquire with your doctor to make sure each of those codes was something that they actually ordered and have results for.

On almost every test or procedure we had done through Lab Corp. either for myself, my wife or my kids we found at least half of the tests that they charged us for were never done or even ordered by the doctor. Now, if this happened one time you could say okay it was an error and an honest mistake maybe – but not on every single bill and test. These guys need to be investigated by the state Atty. Gen. and the federal Atty. Gen.

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my warning to you is if you have received a bill or service from Lab Corp. in the recent past human need to check this out and make sure that those tests that they are billing you for were actually performed. You also need to go and shop around for nonemergency services and tests. You will find by calling the other local lab and medical companies that you will save on average 100% to 300%.

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That is a huge difference and it’s pretty exact same procedures done by people with the exact same training. In my book Lab Corp. is a huge ripoff and needs to be avoided at all costs. Next time you see your doctor tell them you refuse to use Lab Corp. and ask them if you can use another local laboratory procedure or test provider.

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13 Responses to Lab Corp – a review of a complete scam!

  1. Rachel Swoon on April 16, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    I thought those bills I was receiving from LabCorp for a urine test and other related tests was a tad high. I will definitely have to look into this and see if I can get some money back from them if they really did overcharge me. Thanks for the alert to this.

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  2. Annie from Idaho on April 22, 2010 at 6:13 AM

    I thought those bills I got from Lab Corp were a little outrageous and high. I will have to review them and see if what you are saying is true and that they are over billing or adding wrongful charges to boost their profits illegally. If I do find wrongdoing I will report it to my state attorney general ASAP.

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  3. Thomas Paine on April 23, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    You guys are not the only ones finding that Lab Corp is a scam. It’s all over the internet. They have been reported to numerous attorney generals, fined, etc… I think they need to be closed down for good. And if you look closely they are now even locating themselves illegally in doctors offices so patients have no alternative or choice. That is a anti trust violation if I am correct…

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  4. Art Gislason on June 1, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me. The doctor where do a few couple of tests in this lady in a lab coat came in and did the I thought they were all included in the office visit price which was about $115. Then I got a bill in the mail about three weeks later from Lab Corp. for $713. It was like a slap upside the head. I couldn’t believe it. How on earth could I have racked up $713 in lab fees in 5 seconds in my doctor’s office? Well apparently Lab Corp. had billed my insurance and my insurance rejected it stating that none of it was covered.

    So Lab Corp. was after me for $713. I was steamed! I called lab work and told him that this was ridiculous and then I went through every item on the bill and wondered how they came up to those kind of prices. The customer service rep answered the phone said she really could help me with anything and that I needed to pay the bill and it was due. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after holding for about 10 minutes I finally got to speak to one.

    The supervisor listened to me and then out of no were offered to drop the price in half. So now I was on the hook for around $360. That was much better than $713, but still an awful lot of money since that was over three times the price of the office visit itself at $115. I talked to some of my friends and even a lawyer friend of mine and they just advised me to pay it and move on because I actually was in the doctor’s office and had it done there so I had no real recourse in this matter.

    Regardless, that is ridiculous. I took the advice in the above complaint and called around and found five local laboratory and medical testing service companies and I called each of them to compare the prices of what they would’ve charged first Lab Corp. charged. It turned out the most expensive of the five was around $150 for all the same tests that Lab Corp. wanted to bill me $713 for! The cheapest of these laboratory medical testing companies was a little bit over $100!

    So you are definitely right, you need to check out and shop around anything that involves Lab Corp. from now on I tell my doctors I do not want Lab Corp. and if they need any medical or laboratory tests done that I will have it done at a local laboratory and medical facility and have their results sent or faxed to them. When they inquire as to why I must do this I tell them because Lab Corp. is a huge ripoff and that I refuse to use them in any way shape or form!

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  5. Arnus A. on June 22, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Lab Corp. is a scam. I actually paid the bill they sent me, yet they keep billing me for the same bill and actually sent me to collections over it even though I paid for it. I got a copy of the cash check for the full amount of the bill from my bank, Bank of America, and I fax this to Lab Corp. and the collection agency as proof that the payment was made and it has been over a month and they are still calling to collect on it and nothing has been done.

    These people are idiots at Lab Corp. and could not find their head from their ass. I told the collection agency that if they put this on my credit report that I will sue them and then I went and added their phone numbers into my phone under block numbers and blocked them out permanently. Now whenever they call it immediately hangs up on them. I don’t have time for idiots. Later this month I’ll pull my credit and see if it has been reported on their or not.

    If it has I will go and look for an attorney to sue both the collection agency and Lab Corp. for wrongful billing practices, negligence and more.

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  6. Emy on July 14, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    I have been sent to Lab Corp by my doc probably 20 times in the last 12 months for various lab tests. On my first visit, they requested a credit card from me to pay for the balance of my bill beyond what my insurance might not cover. When I presented two types of medical insurance, I was told that since I had two types of insurance I could decline providing them with a credit card.

    Not long after I sat down in the waiting room, an elderly gentleman came in and was trying to inquire about a credit card bill that he had received that had a charge on it from Lab Corp. The office staff clearly did not want to engage him and repeatedly gave him a scripted response about how they did not do billing there in that office and that he would need to speak to a billing representative. Watching the event made me quickly determine that Lab Corp was never, ever, under any circumstances going to be given a credit card of mine and be given the opportunity to run up my account without my knowledge of what a charge was for, when and for how much.

    So after a years worth of tests, I walked into a Lab Corp office this afternoon and present my doctor’s orders for lab work. The employee took both of my insurance cards, and asked me if I had a credit card to pay for my previous balance. Hmmm…what balance? I had not received a bill, or statement from Lab Corp I had no idea what she was referring to. She cheerfully told me that I had a $17 balance from my last visit the 17th of May. When I responded that most likely the second insurance had not had enough time to pay after the first insurance’s payment, I was told that I could not receive any further services until I paid my past due balance. She smiled sweetly as she asked me I would like to talk to their billing department?

    Well, I’m certain that a lot of folks might just shrug and pay the $17 and get on with their lives. But I was really galled by their tactic of, “pay us the amount we want right now or we’ll deny service to you.” My first instincts the day I watched that poor gentleman try to get answers were correct, something stinks at Lab Corp. I informed the employee that their policy was ridiculous, I’m sure she didn’t care and had probably heard much worse many times before, and after retrieving my doctor’s lab orders back I walked out the door.

    I will not be back to Lab Corp ever again.

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  7. Sarah on December 22, 2010 at 2:21 PM

    Don’t bother making an appointment. They take on a first come basis, regardless of an appointment.

    Thanks for the heads up on the bill. I will go over it carefully.

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  8. Kristial on January 3, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    I was over-billed by Lapcorp. Luckily, I used to be an insurance
    agent and I knew to check my EOB from my insurance company before
    paying the bill. The invoice I received from Lapcorp is dated
    12/25/2010. The EOB shows a payment was made on 12/06/20 and the
    patient amount due is $0. The bill I received from Labcorp is for $95.
    No where on the EOB is there a charge for $95.

    The EOB states a charge for $20.77 for Microbiology, another charge
    for $62.23 for microbiology and another charge for $82 for
    microbiology for a total of $165. After the provider discounts were
    applied it shows a balance of $142.24. The insurance allowed amount
    was $22.76 and that is what the insurance company paid with no
    additional charges due to myself.

    Shady business. Most people upon receiving a bill that states it has already been filed with the insurance company and that this is the remaining balance, would trust that and just pay it and that is exactly what Lapcorp is betting on. I wonder how much money they really owe people for ripping them off and lying to them.

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  9. Mike on January 8, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    LabCorp is a scam!!!

    I did some tests a month ago, and repeatedly asked the staff of the charges, since I was paying cash. They told me the test is free you just have to pay for the blood draw $10.

    A month later I get a bill for $227. If this isn’t unethical charging than what is?

    Stay away from LabCorp. It has Scam written all over it.

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  10. Jesse on February 16, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    LabCorp has a bunch of idiots working for them. Listen to this, trust me it is worth it!… My Dr ordered a 24hr urine sample for me in which I had to go pick up the container at Lab Corp. They gave me a large orange container with instructions on it and sent me on my way. I completed the sample and went to Lab Corp to drop it off the next morning. I had to wait almost 2 hours to be seen just to drop it off and take the required blood test in addition. So I’m all done right? NO. My Dr calls me up a week later and says that Lab Corp screwed up the test because the technician forgot to add an acid to the sample when I gave it to her. So here we go again, I go back to Lab Corp and they give me the container again. I complete the test, take it to them the next morning, and the woman at the front says, Im sorry but we were supposed to give you 2 containers, we cannot accept this one. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME?!?!!? I told her the whole situation and told her they better not even be charging my insurance company for the 3rd attempt at this test because they F’d up the first two times and it is all on them. She didnt even budge and just told me that is not possible and that they cannot give it for free. I mean really what do I care if my insurance company pays for it, but I do! It is a matter of principle. Aha, in writing this letter, I just got an idea. I should tell the insurance company about Lab Corp’s negligence and illegal billing tactics.

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  11. Joe Simpson on February 22, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    I just went in to get lab work for my thyroid and I got a bill for $1,300!!! How is this even legal? There is no way you can charge a person that much for a routine blood test. There has to be a class action lawsuit for this jerks.

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  12. Michele Molseed on April 5, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    Lab Corp has been investigated time and time again. What they do is pay huge fines and then go on their curious ways. Not only are their billing practices poor, so is their testing quality. I have stories that will make your toes curl.
    It also seems they are exempt to “anti-trust” laws. Small laboratories open up knowing if they do a good job that Lab Corp will come along and purchase them. A recent sale of a larger lab was denied as a trust violation. That decision was over turned upon appeal. They just keep getting larger and larger. They are such a large source of funds to the government that Lab Corp just has a fine account. Fines are just a cost of doing business to them. All of this is not even mentioning the anti-stark violations of practices like kick backs to doctors. They have so much money that they offer things to doctors that smaller labs could never complete with. Some Doctors love free stuff. This is a huge issue. Thanks for keeping it alive.

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  13. sam on September 16, 2011 at 2:44 PM

    I just visited LabCorp this morning for blood work in woodbridge branch, VA. when I say blood work for lab test the least I expect from such lab is to be clean. Going to this lab was like going to a slum. The place is disgusting and all torn apart. I spent about 15 mins in waiting room it look like last time they cleaned and painted the walls was in 1950’s. floor vinyl base underneath 60 years old dirty chairs was torn apart and peeling off the wall. The entire waiting room smell so bad that my 15 min felt like 15 days. I have already had very bad customer service experience with them over the phone because my doctor sends them my blood for testing but it was my first time actually visiting their branch they are very unprofessional and expensive. I almost felt like if I’m not in usa but rather in a 3rd world country for blood test. Any way bottom line is if you could ovoid going to the LABCORP for any testing and find some other decent place. I will never ever go to LABCORP again.

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