Liberty GMC Buick charges way too much for parts and service!

Don't go to Liberty unless you want to pay way too much for inferior parts and service!!!

My 2003 GMC envoy is indeed of new brake pads and rotors for the front end. So I called around several places and one car dealership at prices so high it was actually ridiculous – Liberty, Buick, GMC trucks here in Matthews North Carolina (right below Charlotte, NC). They wanted $114 each for the rotors and $103.54 for the pair of front brake pads.

For half the price at AutoZone I could get higher quality ceramic brake pads. At AutoZone the replacement rotors were $70. I ended up going to Carolina Auto Supply (the place where most of the local auto repair shops go to purchase their parts) and I purchased the brake pads for $38 and the rotors for $36. For a total of $72 at Carolina Auto Supply I got both rotors and both brake pads.

Scott McCorkle’s Liberty Buick, GMC Trucks
9028 E. Independence Blvd.
Matthews, NC 28105
Sales: (866) 442-0871
Service: (866) 442-8103

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At Scott McCorkle’s liberty GMC, Buick, Truck I would have been at $217.54 for the same parts – actually they would have been the same because I ended up getting higher-quality and longer-lasting VGX brand brake pads from Carolina Auto Supply. Then I ended up finding a guy on Craigslist to install the brake pads and rotors for $50.

Liberty wanted between $300 and $500 to do the same service. What a rip off liberty is. I paid less than $125 to have new brake pads and new rotors installed on the front end of my GMC envoy. If I had had the car dealership do that it would have easily cost me upwards of $700 or more!

Then to top it off when I originally called Liberty GMC, Buick and Truck to get a price quote on parts I got misdirected several times and then I was put on hold for over 25 minutes. Then I spoke to this guy with a heavy accent that told me there was no way I could get a cheaper price anywhere on rotors or brake pads – in other words this parts guy flat out lied to me on the phone.

I certainly beat their price and saved over 80% (actually around 83% to be more exact). I got better quality parts at far better prices and then on top of it I saved a bunch on installation too. My advice is to stay far away from this overpriced car dealer with heavily marked up automotive parts and repair charges.

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