Liquid-Plumr Gel complaint – This liquid plumber stuff didn’t do anything to unclog my drain!

Liquid-Plumr gel complaints

Liquid Plumr once again disappoints me as it didn't work on even an easy, fresh clog!

We gave my dog a bath in the bathroom sink (we have a small dog obviously) and when we were done the sink was clogged and would barely drain.  For a reached under the sink to take the plunger out I remembered that we had a bottle of the new Liquid-Plumr gel and decided to give it a try.

I’ve never used this Liquid-Plumr gel before, but I had used regular Liquid-Plumr and had mixed results.  That was a long time ago though I figure that by now it must have been greatly improved or else they wouldn’t still be selling it.  So I opened up the container imported in exactly as per the directions.  I waited an absolute nothing happened.

I waited some more and then finally I decided that this stuff just wasn’t going to work and I took apart the drain and cleared out the clog myself.  All it was was a clump of my dog’s hair then it got stuck in the drain and wrapped around the plunger.  To get all of it out are the use of a metal coat hanger bent into the shape of a hook.  I then inserted this hook into the drain hole and fished around and got the rest of the block or clog out.

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Cleaning sink drains is not really that hard.  It’s just time consuming and can sometimes be a little messy.  It also takes time and that’s why we bought the Liquid-Plumr so that we wouldn’t have to do it ourselves.  Obviously this liquid plumber doesn’t really work all that well or at all as in my case.  The only thing the Liquid Plumr did was to make the cleanup and the original job more messy.

So as the saying goes if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.  When cleaning out a drain there is no substitute for a little hard work and a metal coat hanger.  The Liquid-Plumr definitely did not work on an easy sink clog caused by fresh dog hair from a tiny dog.  If it can’t work on a clog as simple as this one I don’t imagine it could work on pretty much any other clog or blockage in a drain.

I definitely have to give this product from Clorox (yes, in small print on the bottle it says the Clorox Company) a definite thumbs down.  I do not recommend this product for unclogging drains and sinks.

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2 Responses to Liquid-Plumr Gel complaint – This liquid plumber stuff didn’t do anything to unclog my drain!

  1. Greg on July 4, 2011 at 8:46 PM

    Don’t spend your money on this junk. used a whole bottle on a small clog and it still didn’t work. Took it back to Safeway and got my money back.

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  2. Don X. on September 17, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    I’ve tried this gel crap, and several of the other Liquid-Plumr products: foamy snake, pro strength, etc. None of them did anything. The only product that’s ever worked on my problem shower drain is the original Liquid-Plumr, in the white bottle. That’s never failed in the 30+ years I’ve used it. But, for some reason, every store in my area stopped stocking it years ago. I even called Clorox customer service to see if they still made it. They did. I explained my situation and asked if I could order some directly from them. No, I couldn’t. I asked if she could tell me what stores in my area stocked it. She couldn’t. BIG f****** help. So, I found a wholesale site online that stocked it by the case. When I needed to reorder, they were out of stock (permenantly, it seems). So, I found another online site that had it. Now they don’t stock it. So, I need to find another site. I know I shouldn’t “sweat the small stuff”, but that’s all Life’s made of. The last plummer (human, as opposed to liquid) I used couldn’t even fix my toilet. Oy vey!

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