Lowe’s Foods Bakery Review – Delicious and Incredible Desiged Cakes With Amazing Customer Service

Yesterday my family and I had a baby shower for my sister at our local clubhouse.  We had gone through all the planning for what we wanted for all the meal courses, but then came down to decide what company we wanted to get the cake from.  We had thrown out ideas of having it made at a local bakery, Lowe’s foods, BJ’s wholesale club, Harris Teeter, or Wal-Mart. 

I didn’t want us to spend a lot of money, but I didn’t want the quality to be lost.  We had a cake done at BJ’s wholesale club a couple months ago and we weren’t really satisfied with it due to the food coloring that was used with the frosting. They had done a Cars themed cake and they used black for the track and blue coloring as well. 

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As soon as people were eating the cake, there tongues and lips were turning colors.  It was a horrible turnout and their filler was barely anything at all.  I decided that BJ’s Wholesale was out of the choices.  We then looked at Lowes Foods and decided to take a trip to see what they had.  We had asked to try some of the frostings because we didn’t want any buttercream but weren’t sure what we really wanted.

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We first had tried the cream cheese frosting and it was really good!  We had thought that it would be too sweet to put on the cake.  We had then tasted the white whipped and it was absolutely delicious.  We had known right then and there this would be the cake to get!  It was like a whipped cream and butter cream mixed together.  It was very light and fluffy textured, which turned out to be perfect for the cake. 

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We had then looked at the book filled with different themes and decorations.  We had decided on the theme with the stork on a cloud.  When we had went to Lowe’s foods to pick it up yesterday, the woman had brought it out of the cooler to us.  When she had opened the box the stork had been tipped over from the lid of the box so she had to then take the cake back and fix it.  It didn’t take her long to fix at all and she actually had opened up a new stork kit to place on. 

The woman that was there taking our order was the same lady who was there when we picked it up.  I would highly recommend Lowe’s Foods Bakery for ordering a cake for any event that a cake is needed for.  The half sheet came out to be $45 including tax, but that was also with having a lemon filling and a strawberry filling inside.  It turned out perfect and I will be returning to Lowe’s Foods in the future!

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